Feather Stars, 200 million year old creatures in the ocean

They live together in huge clusters of thousands, coating the ocean floor. They all look still and calm, but if you tickle them they can hop up and swim like in that video. Then you realize the forest of what you looked like was plants in actually carnivorous, swimming animals. So cool, so spooky. (And obviously absolutely no threat to people but still spooky).


Wow, thats crazzzzzy!

Beautiful at the same time as it is creepy/weird!

Thanks :+1:t2:

The depths of the ocean have been home to alien species for a long time.


Awesome little vid…thanks for the share :grin:

I havent watched the vid, but these remind me of a type of starfish, when i was a kid on holiday in cornwall, there were loads washed up on the beach, looked alot like these though. Too much like spiders, urrrrgh!:grimacing: Still, nature is amazing​:hugs:

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