Fight NWO Now - Investigations against Attila Hildmann - arrest warrant should be available

Now We must show they our meaning…

Berlin - In the Berlin investigation against the conspiracy narrator Attila Hildmann (39), more than 1000 statements are checked individually. It is about suspicion of sedition, insults and threats. “These are intensive, extensive and time-consuming investigations,” said a spokeswoman for the prosecutor on Tuesday. “The evaluation of the evidence continues.”

Hildmann himself posted on Monday: “The arrest warrant is out, it is about statements on my telegram and I am accused of high treason.”

According to BILD information, the Berlin judiciary has issued an arrest warrant, but did not want to officially confirm it. The vegan chef is said to have gone into hiding.

The public prosecutor’s office neither wanted to confirm nor deny this to the “Tagesspiegel”. A spokesman said the agency generally did not comment on “pending arrest warrants”.

In the fall, Hildmann was attacked in front of his restaurant in Berlin. The police press office confirmed that he was beaten. A suspect could be arrested.

In mid-November there was a raid on Hildmann’s in Wandlitz in Brandenburg. “The reason is a decision by the local court in Bernau. It was about averting danger ”, established police spokesman Torsten Herbst Lassen on BILD rights. The background is the same management process that will be used by the debt in Cottbus.

“It is primarily about reading the fort of the inspection on the Internet,” said police spokesman Herbst.

Hildmann war domination in protests against the Corona protection quality measures. Subsequent representation of the representation should be stopped whether and to our extent the 39 rights through his sightings have the limits of freedom of expression and have made themselves punishable.

At the end of July, the police and the public prosecutor announced that criminal charges had been filed against Hildmann for sedition and threats. After a demonstration, the Turkish-born cook is said to have played down the Holocaust and threatened “public figures”.

Attila Hildmann became known mainly through his public appearances and his Telegram channel since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. He is criticized as a propagator of right-wing extremist ideas, anti-Semitic theses and conspiracy theories.

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