File Leaked by WSFC on, "Psycho-electronic" Weapons

The Washington State Fusion Center The WSFC, Accidentally Leaked Files, containing The Weapons, Psycho’ Electromagnetic effects on the Human Mind & Body…

This smells fishy…

This info was reportedly leaked to the press,
during a freedom of info request on
Antifa & White Supremacy Groups…

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On The One Hand WOW…

Like We Didn’t Know It Was Hapn

Then…Yeah LEAKED…

Nope Nuttn Suss At All…

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I agree too Capt. Seems fishy.

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So… ahem… all those screaming leftist might’ve actually been having forced induced orgasms?


April 18, 2018…old news?

Could the new “5G” be cause of the uptick in EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome) over the last few years…

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I wonder if any of those screaming lunatics have looked back at themselves and asked …
“Has my life really actually gotten worse since Trump became POTUS. …?”
I Bet they wouldn’t be capable of being utterly honest with themselves and would claim that their lives have been ruined.
Their lives may well be a shit existence, But it aint got nuthin to do with Trump, they are too pathetic to enrich themselves and will blame anyone else for their demise.

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The Pacific Northwest , Washington , Oregon and Northern California have been subjected to continuos blasting of EMF radiation since I believe the late 1970’s or very early 1980’s. This being perpetrated covertly by the US Government Military/Intelligence agencies, This is fact and this is still going on today. Anyone can research this information, you do not have to dig to deep either. This originally started when the US Government discovered that this EMF radiation targeting was being perpetrated against the US embassy in Moscow and the Pacific Northwestern US was being hit as well by what was then called the "woodpecker signal "in the 1970’s. When the US Military/Intelligence discovered this was happening , they did not raise protests , they wanted to know more about this technology and what was the reasoning behind this operation. The Soviets shared information with their US Counterparts, the US Military/Intelligence people were very interested and intrigued. The US Military/Intelligence even assisted the Soviets in their research by building the largest or heaviest magnet ever produced weighing over 40 tons, manufactured in the USA , then sent over to the Soviet Union. As I said , you can research this, it is all documented, but understand there is some misinformation out there as well, but you can navigate your way around it, and learn the heinous truths for your self. Take Care


No I’ sure they’ve convinced themselves that they were and are being courageous and valiant and being completely selfless in doing the dirty work for all of us that are too weak and afraid to change this horrible place on Earth. And I’m sure they blame all their multiple utter failures on this mess that is called America. Anyway, I couldn’t sleep so I figured I would trash some deserving individuals, I feel better now, I have to go back to bed so I can get up and go to work so I can support myself. Cheers :beers:

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Absolutely Heinous!!

If Course They Are Decades Ahead
Of ANY Thing We May Hear About

And It Ain’t Good

Forced induced orgasms?

Do i have to line up or anything?

If not decades, centuries ahead of us with all of their suppressed miracle wonders. If they think they’re going to cleanse us and “OUR” planet with this global reset, then they ought to include themself in it. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

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The Reset is Just The Warm Fuzzy Sell

Dystopian Utopian Slavery

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Ah that old Chestnut. Ok, fair enough this is a new fresh leak but it’s actually an old trick which Russia and the states have been trying to out do each other on for years. These psychotronics tactics are older than you think.
Check this out…


I Have Reckoned About This Since The Seventies

And I Remember The First Time

I Heard Actual Proof
Of This Was The Gulf War…

So It’s Hard To Believe What
The Reality

They May Actually Have Now


This (below link) is what they admit doing, the truth is located about 50 years into the future …

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