First Responder Calls Surging?

I’ve got a few friends in the rescue/ambulance field and they 're telling me calls are nonstop now. One said “that shot is working”. They claim activity is thru the roof lately, even used the word exponentially. I pressed all three of them and they all confirm it so. So I’m wondering about other places. Do you have any first responder info in your area? Same? No?

And check this out: They’ve been given a talking point memo detailing the procedure for asking the injured if they’ve been vaccinated. And even though these first responders are opposed to the vaccine they have to ask the injured and encourage them to get vaccinated. They got answers for objections to use in conversation. They’ve got standard replies for all situations except religious grounds. just thought that was interesting

And what about that? They’ve been rescuing & transporting all kinds of people (for over a year now) unvaccinated! And none of them have caught anything!


Listen for sirens. If you dont hear anymore than usual then there is no ‘surge’.


Also ask your local first responders. The ones I know are good people.

I hear ya…I won’t say what field of work my people are from but they touch hundreds a day…none of them got any covid 19…but I had 2 friends die from covid 19…but is that really the reason they died…we will never know. Cremation are t.p.t.b.favorite form of burial…

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Cremation is up here. And historically it was not, usually burial.

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Just the beginning. :skull:

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Call volume is up around here in all areas of first responders. Violent crime, sickness, crashes and moreover mental health related incidents.


in the beginning of covid i heard lots of sirens. pretty much the norm since

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Funny. I live out in a small town in the sticks… & there’s most definitely been an uptick of sirens coming from town. I heard 1 yesterday & I had this thought actually.


The shots are working, we are all being put below.


Ever heard of the project abigail?


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My daughter and I were just saying how some days, the siren sound is seemingly non-stop. More car accidents lately too - making me think that those “vaccidents” where recently vaxed people zone out behind the wheel are also more common than we’re hearing. Maybe though - more people day-drinking heavily, dealing with severe depression - the secondary effects of everything could also be responsible for these things.


They talk about single-car accidents and finding deceased people in their beds mostly it seems. I hope we’re wrong.

That’s a first for me. Spooky. So do you think they “made” the biological aliens leaked in the past decades?

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There are videos of people walking around some woods or near mountains and they say they hear shrieking and moans and its like coming from underground, like maybe in a containment bunker?

It is easy to do, if you want to give the imoression of an emergency, for emergency vehicles driving around with sirens on, for no valid reason.

That’s what I’m implying in my reply to original post…cremation I’d way up to anyone 1 ask…tptb want deaths 2019 Oct thru now to be covered up and the best way is cremation…you can get some forensics from ashes n bon chips but compared to a heart or body part its cave pics to today’s english.

I asked about sirens and he said, “We don’t run them when we’re picking up dead people or taking them to the morgue”.

He said again that calls are way up…

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