Flagging system is flawed?

The flagging system is very confusing… someone just flagged a thread I made, but the problem is that it automatically deleted just my opening post while leaving the thread (getting rid of context) , didn’t really tell me why it was flagged except something in it was “offensive”, it also told me to wait 10 minutes to edit it to undelete it, but I recall on a previous occasion, the system told me I can not ever edit a post after 10 minutes…

I did say the “f” word, so is all swearing just not allowed or just certain phrases? Or can anyone just flag any post and get threads automatically deleted?

This seems like a system that can very easily be abused…

Can you shed any light on this @Lukas ?

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Just saw two gentlemen whom shall remain nameless having an argument and flagging each other… like I said, this system seems very flawed

The system keeps learning. The more someone flags and we disagree with it, the less likely it will hide a post going forward. And vice versa.


Thats great to know, I guess it ties in with that other Trust Level system? I am guessing someone with low level trust level will have less say on a flag with someone at the highest level…

But how we do disagree on a flag? The only option I was given is to just wait 10 minutes and just edit something (it didnt tell me what part I was supposed to edit).

I have not flagged one post Oto. Swearing is definatly not a good idea, use a few symbols if you have to use profanity.


Hey bro, why did you assume I was talking about you? :rofl:

And I guess I can just put a bunch of symbols, it just looks really dumb but ill get used to it if we are trying to get all PG-13 up in here

Trust level also plays a role, but currently all users are still on TL1, besides me. As said, it needs time to calibrate, in particular to users who rightly or wrongly flag others. But we also have an AI that looks out for toxic language. It’s not a good idea to post something when the warning pops up.

lol I am not going to use any more swear words, I want DTV to succed, most people dont like to read that type of thing and there may be children reading.

Time to lift this forum to greater heights.

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So how does the system decide what is a “wrong” flag? Is it when it gets sent to moderators the second time and they decided its not a flaggable post/thread?

Ye ye ye I feel ya mang, I wanna have some kids someday and for them to have a venue to read about aliens and swastikas and @#$% like that :beers: :beers:

That is not a decision by the system. That is decided by mods and me.

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Hey @Lukas what’s up with the emojis I’ve noticed a good bit of them won’t show up?

Got it, so community flagging just delays the time before a moderator gets involved. I know you technically said if someone gets flagged the first time they should just not post it again, but realistically most people will just edit their own post.

Well I guess ill wait and see how the Trust system thing works when someone reaches a higher level :+1:

For me they do :helicopter: If they show up in the preview, they should show up in the post.

Yep, I think that is the idea behind it. Remember: It’s all new to me, too. We all have to give it some time. Closing this now as all has been answered.