Foo Fighters - Germany 1945

Foo Fighters – Germany 1945.
An devastating deadly ariel bombing campaign, millions of tonnes of incendiary TNT explosive that took hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian lives, the horrendous fire storms of the German cities , Hamburg Dresden Cologne Berlin, men women and children bombed without mercy.
This is the situation of the war over the German skies in 1945 also zone and territory for countless reports from allied pilots of an strange ariel phenomenon they called the Foo Fighter, luminous orbs of light of an unknown origin that paced allied aircraft during there missions, intimdated by the orbs, despite the pilots and gunners best efforts, there aircraft couldn’t out manouvre, they could’nt out pace even shoot down the orbs they suspected where the enemies doing.
Allied high command soon realised the Foo Fighter was not an aggressive secret weapon of the Nazis as suspected, but something they found to be beyond rational explanation hastily ordering pilots and aircrew to ignore the phenomenon and continue in there stated missions. Several reports of the strange phenomenon appeared in military briefings, eventually finding its way into the media published in newspapers and journals of the day.
Today most commentators and observers would term this phenomenon as UFO unidentified flying object activity, but without this understanding at the time the Foo Fighters where likened to ball lighting or similiar electro-static weather events.


Foo fighters!!
Very awsome throw back!
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3 or 4 or 5 pictures would’ve sufficed. Swastikas and cheesy music is for the birds.

The ordinance from these ariel bombs is still going off to this day…and has there ever been any understanding of the Foo Fighter…?

Do you mean luis elizondas whitewash no shortage of Foo Fighter reports whats the Navy and Pentagon attitude toward that?

There maybe some awsome evidence pertaining to this.

Check out the Dytlov pass post.
It has huge potential!!
makes reference to them too!

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Thanks i will check that Dytlov Pass post out my freind…

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