For those that still go on about God, satan and religion in general

Those of you that still deal with names such as ‘God’, ‘satan’, ‘lucifer’… and all the other stupid biblical nonsense should really do your research.
Religion, the whole God and satan concept are nothing more than lies from the controlling empire. This is the psychological warfare that has been placed there to dumb you down and never realise the actual truth of what you are and what life is there for.

Where as there is an order to life here and there are other beings that design it all and keep eyes on it, we are all still from the one same place. All good and evil all comes from the same place.

You are here to learn and grow from your own individual experiences. It may take many lifetimes for some to learn what needs to be learnt in order for you to spiritually evolve but it matters not as everything is infinite.

Self realisation is an inside journey. Many think it is about ‘finding God’ when it is just a simple journey of finding yourself. We are all the same spirit. Each and every one of us and for our human experience, realising that you ARE the creator is where the journey begins.

You create your own life by negative and positive thought and it really is that simple because life is nothing more than a thought. A dream and how you live it, is up to you.

Search within for answers. Nowhere else.


They are metaphores for things that really do exist, that is why they catch on, and it is far more complicated than being invented as a means of control, it can also be seen as hijacked as a means of control. I used to poo poo ideas like God and Satan, but as there are plenty of intelligent people, including eminent scientists who are religeous, of all faiths. I now realize how arrogant and unrealistic it is to think that because I believe something that means that it is the truth.


God and satan are both the same people. So is lucifer. So is the one people call jesus. All the same people… there is only ONE spiritual creator and literally everything comes from that creator. All if it. The galaxy the universe… Good and bad… everything all comes from the one same place.


Well spoken.
Its people who havent researched middle eastern archaelogy and real historical biblical people that makes these kinds of new age anti Christ anti God claims.
Yet they also swear they wont take the mark of the beast.
And here we are right in the middle of prophecy coming true every day now.

Its obvious the bibles absolutely 100% accurate.
Its just new age woke nonsense.
The satanists hate truth.



I like when people reject the Lord. Rejection is the infancy of pursuing knowledge. Dont worry Jedi, seek and ye will find.


Nothing good comes easy.
Sometimes the most sceptical like myself end up becoming such firm believers like i have.


It’s difficult not to say everything was put here by a creator when we can synchronize with plants for healing purposes. When people are at their lowest, or about to die, they pray to God. Often times those prayers are answered.


In under two minutes she proves the OP wrong…

Awesome young lady speaking real truth! Every single word. Especially the very End! (


I can’t help but agree with the Jedi, we are being used and divided. And like he says it has been going on for a long time. Look at the cult of mithra for instance.


Was it the invention of agriculture? The need to place rules and boundaries on land owners? How come in the Bible they tell us God says eat all the meat you want but not the blood? Most religions lean towards vegetarianism?

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Everyone will eventually discover whether God is real or not. We’re all scheduled for a dirt nap at one time or another.


The Good News Dawn is that we don’t need to die to meet GOD.

August 1993: I had my own personal private “rapture” while conscious and walking to work. My soul was taken up by Jesus Christ to Heaven to stand in front of HIM. I given a choice. HE spoke telepathically asking if I wished to stay in Heaven or return to Earth. I asked (and was allowed) to be returned to Earth to tell everyone that Heaven was real.

The only place left for me to go to was HELL itself. I spent the next ten years attempting to break through in my mind into HELL. I finally succeeded and in late October 2003 I was dragged to “Hell” itself – and survived and returned to Earth.

Early December 2003: GOD arranged in HIS DIVINE TIMING that I met my wife my ONE TRUE PERFECT LOVE (My Eternal Beloved Twin Flame).

GOD came down into our room in London, United Kingdom in ALL of HIS DIVINE GLORY and MAJESTY to personally Bless Our Sacred Eternal Twin Flame Marriage.

My wife and I then spiritually “merged” AS ONE with each other.

WE then spiritually “merged” AS ONE with GOD HIMSELF.

Then WE both “ASCENDED” each other across – in a tsunami tidal wave of ecstasy – to GODS GOLDEN SPIRITUAL REALM “HOME” of Timeless Infinite Multidimensional Universe Shattering Orgasmic Love Bliss Joy Peace Power Glory and Happiness Forever!

The “Darkness” (of hell) and the “Light” (of heaven) are the “two sides” of “Satan The False god Ruler of this Dark Matrix Prison Planet Earth”.

Satan is NOT mankind’s true GOD!

Our true GOD is The One “True” Most High Father (Original Source) Creator God (containing neither darkness nor light) is of “PURE GOLDEN INFINITE LOVE”!

Mankind will refuse to “rapture” to Satan’s False Light “Heaven”!

Mankind will instead “unplug” from Satans Dark Matrix Prison Planet Earth Trap.

Mankind will then “merge” with THE ONE TRUE MOST HIGH GOD and become spiritually “AS ONE” with HIM.

Mankind will then “ASCEND” to the Pure Golden Paradise Home Kingdom Of The One “True” Most High Father Original Source Creator God of “Golden Infinite Unconditional Love” Orgasmic Bliss Joy Power Glory Happiness, Forever!

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It is all perspective. When you are ready the dark sayings will come alive within all scripture and discernment will be easy for you, that is when you will know what is real and what is not. But you first must stop everything you do and all that you think you know and try to know yourself. That is where all truth is. Do you think a fair God would make you rely solely on stories written thousands of years ago by people yo in could never know. Or do you think God would encode each of us with all the answers?!


Can I ask how many of the faithful have full beards?

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First and foremost, the big bang theory is “a” theory not “the” theory. It is perfectly possible that there is a universe in every black hole in our universe. It is perfectly possible that in our universe there are innumerable universes in the black hole that originate and extinguish in our universe.
It is perfectly possible that our universe exists in a black hole that exists in another universe. We just don’t know. The fact is that the big bang theory was developed by a priest to try to fit in with religion. So the whole big bang theory is not reliable, but a provisional solution.
To fully commit to that is quite ignorant and arrogant.
The universe is energy. Everything in this universe is energy. Everything physical, everything mental, from the largest black hole to the smallest particle, everything you think, feel it is all energy. What energy and what type of energy is the question.

The more you dig into real science the more apparent it becomes that all matter was originally created.
The satanist elite certainly hate christianity.
It fearlesasly exposes them.
Youl find a lot of what we know about the coming satanic one word order is from christians early research.
The core of Christianity is not a feel good religion
like the rest that are all about pride.
Its the spiritual antidote to the babylon beast.


What “beings” would that be?

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My body is the temple of God
You shall not defile it with anything

These sayings are on the lips of the Redeemed.

Today is
the third lunation of 6008
It is the 6th day

We are 8 years past the time of the end.

I think God is just pissing off satan
What year was 8 years ago

2012,. Even satan can’t predict God’s time and Gods action.

Pandemic and wars are to force Gods hand
Satan for all his gifts is a spoiled petchulant child- a very dangerous child

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There are many dude… very many. An infinite amount. This is the thing, they want you conditioned and so have come up with the term ‘aliens’ and ‘ufo’ amongst others to condition the mind about life other than human. The powers 8n control know very much about other beings and other life out there but they create massive falsehoods to give people perceptions of things. They know people fear what they do not know and our history has been massively altered to make us fear that which we do not know. Other beings have indeed tried to communicate with us here but we have been and still are trapped by a ruling power that does not want you to know you are part of something much much bigger.
They have kept the secrets of geometry cleverly hidden from us for many years when this is an extremely important concept. Everything in the universe is all measured on a geometric scale and we are a small but important part of a much bigger picture.
Life here was started for a reason. Those in power have been in power for centuries and the earth itself has tried to exterminate these beings because they have interfered with every cycle of life and have manipulated it all to the way they want it to be. This is why mass psychological warfare had been happening to us all on a mass level.