Forgotten Technology: Man Lifts 20 Ton Block By Hand

A Man from Michigan shows a forgotten technology of how to move and lift giant stones by hand.

I feel all those years at school were wasted being taught history and still never had any idea how these mysteries occurred yet a 5-minute video explains everything. Wally is a badass. That dude could probably steal my house.


This works!
Im building a shippin container home, and some of his tips came in handy.


I love this guy’s stuff does anyone know if he wrote a book explaining it all in detail? I have seen him move up to 6 tonnes by himself.

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Dont think he did a book. Just the videos. But the ones I watched were pretty thourough.

Not quite forgotten, still he makes it look easy.

This is Super Cool

And Handy

Really cool stuff, pretty sure he didn’t drag the 20 tonne blocks into his garden by hand though :grin:

yeah that is awesome! It defo shed’s a bit of light on how some of these structures may have been built in the past. I also believe some ancient civilizations’ had knowledge of using vibrations and resonance to move the big, huge stones we see all over the world!

This is awesome! I think I’ve heard this man on a late night talk radio show called Coast to coast AM

Great information.


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I watched the whole video and didnt once see this guy LIFT a 20 ton stone…super disappointed to say the least.

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how does he get stones on top of these things?