Found this interview enlightening and interesting

I hope its ok to post it here, if I stepped on anyones toes, please let me know. (just a newbie)


@deb hey im a newbie here too… i watched 3 min of vid and enjoyed what i heard( its late where im at will finish tomorrow). Dont worry bout stepping on toes post what you feel like posting!! Ppl will give you feed back some may be good some may be bad but hang in there im glad i switch to this site!:grin:

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A little back story to this hour video might help…

I will edit the post, thank you for your input :slight_smile:

oops, I couldn’t work out how to edit it sorry,
Charlie and JC talk about what is happening at the moment on a spiritual level, it has a few prophecies that have come to pass, and a few that may still come, what the cabal has in store and how the lightworkers are helping to get the word out, and changing things for a better planet.

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Thank you for that! :+1:

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Vague unspecific nonsense touted by people who claim to be “special”

Dear god how do you fall for this drivel ?

Ah the gift of prophesy and remote viewing, not a shred of proof for the claims.

Go use your magik to find a missing child , prophesi the lottery numbers and feed the poor.

Plenty of gullable on here though that will lap up this demons nonsense and blow smoke where the sun never rises

Is this that womans’ nan ?

thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

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