Free energy, double your energy on anything that spins, new engine 2021

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This is a cool Invention concept , if it works it could change all spinning engine designs.

There is no such thing as free energy, how does it power itself, you need to start it right, which would require energy, think of a star such as the sun, its powered by a nuclear reaction called stellar nucleosynthesis, even a sterling engine which requires no fuel needs heat which is energy, you cant get something from nothing, you need something to power anything even if it be centrifugal force which is generated energy it wasnt free, I will believe in free energy the day I can pull gold out of my ass. Even if something works from the force of gravity its not free, our planet wont last forever. energy gets used and evaporates, you can create it but it doesnt last forever, something will pay even if it be time.


To ZacharyK, You got a point , it’s more or less for the free energy crowd , but it’s gets your mind working , that’s how the mind works , endless possibilities . Eintein once said that one would age slower traveling at or near the speed of light , well I guess prove him wrong , you see he was half right , half wrong , scientist know that a person on top of a mountain ages quicker then the one at sea level because of the extra mass under his feet , well traveling near the speed of light on a space ship would have same effect as you standing on a mountain , yes the extra mass , you see a spaceship get heavier the faster it travels therefore its gravity get larger and it ages a astronaut the faster it travels near the speed of light because of its extra mass under his feet , same as the mountains , there always loophole , you just got to look for it , yes it may not work , but what if it does , I can’t say either way until it’s tested . That’s how science works.:thinking:


No offense , Right or not , I still like to see the Gold trick . Thanks :grin::+1:

Yes I do realize gravity and speed affect the speed of time and that has been proven with scientific clocks, just like when entering a black hole I would see them slow down and they would see me speed up, Trust me I am intrigued and would love to see a working prototype because if this is possible and only requires energy to start it but can put out more than what was put in I would say in some form it was free.

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So do I because I would be set for life LOL and no offense taken was just talking on how I understand physics which I love to study, I could be wrong, but then that would allow me to learn more.

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So here is the thing about some of these inventions…at 2:14 in the video the statement is (not word for word but along these lines):
“So now you have two power sources, possibly, it still needs to be determined if this will work or not…”

No it will not work just looking at it I can tell you this will not “do what you think it will do”.

There are so many issues about this…the first one is that you have to have an unlimited water flow as the primary power source…so you are limited to only using this where there is constant water flow…which that limits its use to specific locations on this planet and only up to a specific amount of energy…the addition of buoyancy is, in itself, a limiting factor…water has frictional forces on all materials…so you have a built in “dampener” that will decay the force applied by the “floaters”…then the drive shaft that turns the alternator or other current driven device all “takes energy” from the system as a whole.

The closest thing to an “unlimited power source” that can be transportable is a fusion reactor…which could, theoretically, generate power for longer than many generations (i.e. hundreds to thousands of years).

Any system that uses gravity as a “power source” within a gravitational field (i.e. Earth) will always have a decay rate that will make the “motion/gravity based generator” a limited power source.

Here is an idea for you… get a bunch of solar panels, slap them on a platform in the middle of the ocean, use the power from the sun to generate hydrogen from the water through the electrolysis process powered by the solar cells (and possibly wind turbines), use the hydrogen to power generators that takes the oxygen separated from the water to create a reaction to drive the motor(s), feed the resultant water vapor back into the ocean and dump the left over salt back into the ocean.

There is a power source that, for all intents and purposes, is “unlimited”, feeds back into itself, and can be scaled to meet power demands of the world.


I work for the gas company that repairs, installs the mains that deliver the the gas to customers. I can tell you now that they are trialing to see if the current network of mains will run the same using hydrogen instead of natural gas. If it doesn’t then I expect a massive push to replace the old metallic mains to the the new PE mains. They are also trialing a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen so it definitely seems that is the way it is going. I expect that in 10 years it will be all hydrogen


For all the one’s saying free energy doesn’t exist, check out this video. It’s for everyone. Not jist unopen minded people. Enjoy, wwg1wga let’s go.

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You have posted a 5 hour video about flat earth on a free energy thread :thinking::thinking::thinking:


good to hear your still alive bro! :beers:


they told us here in nz that we can use 20% hydrogen LPG mix with our currant appliances but when they moved to more Hydrogen or pure we will need to upgrade our appliances. I was also told by a plumber that Hydrogen is just as bad for the environment as LPG :man_facepalming:


I’ll make you free energy video when I wake up 1st I gotta go put him jones kool aid shots see inside for details sign in front of cvs maybe do it same time draw it out on back of sign I got electrolysis down to you use salt an baking soda has insulater in water n when I fluctuate current up Or down you get spikes in current

Yeah, the use of Hydrogen has been avoided primarily because of its volatile and explosive properties (why I suggested creating the plant in the middle of the ocean), but it would make sense to have a natural gas hydrogen mixture with the exception of the oxidation element of “pure water” which is very acidic by itself…which I guess a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen could yield a more alkaline water vapor that wouldn’t erode metals or cause the oil in piston driven generators to thin in the lining which could lead to other issues down the road.

Of course, now there is Hydrogen Gel Paste that doesn’t release the hydrogen until mixed with water:
The Future Of Hydrogen Power… Is Paste? | Hackaday

So the idea is to have something that doesn’t required a heavily reinforced tank to store the hydrogen as a gas under pressure but to have this paste that could be held in a much thinner container that you swap out when it is empty. A hydrogen gel paste engine would then be able to syphon some of the water vapor back through a filtration system that feed back into the water tank used to mix with the paste so that the water tank can be relatively small (i.e. like the size of your windshield wiper fluid).

Hydrogen is the next fuel source that I have been watching for the past many decades…some guy in Australia came up with a hydrogen conversion kit for gas powered engines but I think he randomly died in like the 90’s (I remember it was a bit suspicious at the time).

Either case, yeah…hydrogen powered engines have always been far superior to things like electric cars or ethanol solutions, in my personal opinion, because the exhaust is literally water vapor which would greatly reduce carbon emissions on all fronts.

Nice to know there are companies starting to head in that “general direction” finally… :+1:


You got me thinking :grin:

It would seem that Hydrogen is more sustainable than natural gas. From what I’ve read I think they are probably worried about the possibility of it degrading existing pipe infrastructure and due to particle size/density … may be more prone to leaks on aged pipeworks.

Lets be honest … thats a LOT of miles of pipework for the country :joy: … imagine having to replace that?? :speak_no_evil::joy:


The fact that this was the response explains so many things…

I am all for inventors and new ideas…and I might seem like a “grumpy/negative” person when someone posts something like the proposed “doubling of energy”…but in reality it is better for someone to hear the harsh truth of their idea here where one can wear a “digital mask” than to go in front of an investor only to be shot down (in a much harsher way) and humiliated in front of actual people with no way to “mask” who you are.

If you believe in the flat earth and you want to be an inventor…you need to stop… go find some reasonable online physics and calculus courses…take several of those for the next two years…and then revisit your ideas…because the flat earth was and has been debunked so many times now it is sort of like still thinking the universe spins around the earth and if you sail too far on the earth you will literally “fall off the edge”…which if you understood how gravity bends space time…you would understand that a “flat planet” is literally impossible.


That has been under way since the 80s mate, since the switch from town gas (wet) to natural gas(dry) the old metallic system had no way of self repair, in turn this caused leaks all over the network. It came to a head in the 90s when the gas company up in Scotland had been called to to the same metallic main over many years and only repaired it instead of replacing it, a family of 4 generations came back from a holiday got home, turned the lights on and boom. The blast killed them all and they found furniture miles away in farmers fields. The HSE got involved and mandated that once a system has some many leaks it moves up the priority chart for replacement, works on a points system and takes into account how built up the area is etc, I think at present about half the country will have been changed to PE pipe but that’s just an educated guess really lol