Free Leonard Peltier - Plea for Executive Clemency

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Leonard Peltier has been languishing in a high security prison cell 45 years for a crime he did not commit. Countless dignitaries, even people from the F.B.I., and the prosecutor himself have said that Leonard needs to be released. More on his case: Click on Who is He?

The Board and Co-Directors express our thanks and gratitude to all of our supporters, who have kept the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (ILPDC) and the struggle for Leonard’s freedom going, We need all of you now more than ever. We are gearing up for campaigns relating to Leonard’s health, transfer potential, parole, compassionate release, Executive Clemency/commutation, and more.

To do these things we will need your help to contact folks and to reach out to your local representatives. Reach out to them using the same letter you sent to Trump for clemency or compassionate release but use your representative or Senators name. As we build campaigns we will give further instructions. Sample letter:

Latest ILDPC newsletter and letter from Leonard:

Thank You


This is one of the major injustices of American rights. This man was the only one out of several people that were one way or another in the shooting. He has more than did his time and I can’t believe at least one President can’t pardon him or he hasn’t been granted parole.

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