French actress strips naked at 'French Oscars' ceremony to protest COVID-19 restrictions


Actress Corinne Masiero disrobed on stage during a French awards ceremony, exposing the audience to her anger over the government’s closure of cinemas and other cultural institutions amid the Covid-19 crisis.

The ceremony took place at a theatre as anger and frustration grow amongst actors, musicians, and artists at the government’s unwillingness to set a date for the reopening of cultural centers.

She had “no culture no future” written on her chest and “give us art back Jean” on her back, in a message to Prime Minister Jean Castex.


So she was protesting the effect it’s having on the entertainment industry.

A strip naked protest​:relaxed:…by the White House :smiley:…leave it to the French :wink:


It`s not as if actors are stuck for money.! Bring back social gathering so i can see my family and friends, F the cinema lol



Everything about that cringe fest made me gag, from the saggy tits to the manly smoker’s voice to the blood soaked BS, Gee Marina Abromovic much? Keep your genitals to yourself! Is that too much to ask? Yes.

Ill give her this, the bloody Democrat Donkey hide that covered up the horror underneath was fitting and very symbolic. Bravo lady Bravo!

Hey Democrats and leftist morons the world over every one in the world hates you, every one, every one. How do you not see this? Its only a matter of time until the world turns around and in unison points the finger at you brain dead dunces and lays the blame on you lot. Will you only realize the predicament you have allowed yourselves to be entrapped in when you find your self at rock bottom, the pit with that pendulum swinging ever lower over you the sacrificial lamb….

Will you hope and wait for some savior to come and wake you from your madness. Or will you realize there are many and they have been trying to wake you the whole damn time?


Dont trust anyone covered in blood nor the people cheering for the one covered in blood


I do not know about the situations in France… Celebrities in the USA are all about conforming to wearing masks, social distancing and telling others to take dangerous vaccinations… However, the Entertainment Industry has taken a major hit since they participated in promoting Covid Fears… Fewer movies are being produced and the theaters have been empty for a long while… Fewer people are attending concerts and sporting events… We had sport entertainers taking a knee when our National Anthem was played… Many Americans see that as disrespectful and it had an effect on profits and attendance…They may all change their tune as this continues to effect their own pocket books… Expensive salaries can not be maintained without masses of people to support their arts… I guess, they asked for it and are starting to feel the crunch… Politically Correct, Counter Culture Ideas are not always profitable… It can pay back in unexpected ways…


Agreed. I was listening to " on the fringe" earlier today and he stated that by being very specific on who we decide to spend our dollars with is a great way to protest and is also very effective. God bless, hold the line.


Not worth looking at.

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