Frequent, rapid testing could turn COVID-19 tide within weeks

Testing half the population weekly with inexpensive, rapid COVID-19 tests would drive the virus toward elimination within weeks, even if the tests are less sensitive than gold-standard. This could lead to “personalized stay-at-home orders” without shutting down restaurants, bars, retail and schools.

The problem with self isolation/stay at home orders, is that people don’t/won’t obey self isolation/stay at home orders. Especially if they’re one of those people who either have mild or no symptoms and everything is open, they will just carry on with their normal lives. People are far too self centered/selfish.

Or stop the testing and it all goes away…


And what exactly is the ‘Gold’ standard?
You mean the one that has over 90% false positives? The one that inventor said that it was not meant to be used to diagnose?
That one?
They say this would be less expensive, but trust me, someone is making a lot of money and I’m sure the taxpayer is helping foot the bill.

We are providing the rope in which the executioner is hanging us. Our compliance and our taxes that we pay feed our very own demise. All the while, the only ones (not human) benefiting from this are the few; these so called elites.
And they love it, if they’re capable of such an emotion.

Pack your bags because they’re trying to send everyone on another guilt trip…


Just look at this add I got for this topic

And here is another one about pain and covid

When will this shit stop

Best idea is too stop testing immediately.

In UK 55,000 have died in the last year from Kung Flu.

Under 60 without known health conditions…339!

Sounds like a normal flu season right there.

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Testing does nothing. Testing is the ploy through which our rights are being deprived. Seeing as how asymptomatics don’t spread disease, testing on a mass scale illuminates nothing, it just provides a tool to oppress society.


Jeez, it is like reading a comic book.

They are literally throwing out decades of research on how viruses interact with the general populace.


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your daily propaganda.

bend over. take your swab, wear your mask, get locked down, surrender your liberty

globalists win


Excellent. I will definitely share this.:+1:

Those darn hardheads wanting to be free and unfettered and not live in total fear …what is wrong with them.

“” gross amount of sarcasm :::

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You ever wondered why they stick a cotton swab so far in nostrils to the top of the throat? I recently saw that there was a “discovery” of a “new” organ in the top part of the throat behind the nostrils. Why check in that area for a respiratory “virus”. Eeriely,the same place where they test for this super terrorist “virus”. They are literally using population as guinea pigs and I know it’s got to deal with the frequency emission (emf radiation) from 5g. Weaponry comes in many forms

I have been suspisious about those swabs. Being tainted and we will all end up zombies. A NEW kind of zombie. Or don’t get tested… I am not, I have no trust lately. What if so many are for positive and negatives…

They are. My doctor has took brand new swabs and never touched them except to open them up and put the swab in the container and put a name on it and send it off and come back positive.

Im not sure if there is anything on the swab itself I haven’t looked that up but seeing so much truth out there i wouldn’t put it passed them. The real problem is the emf radiation. Just like they live . It’s just people are addicted to everything net and won’t dare sacrifice it even if it was for the good of humanity. Too much selfishness in the world, especially america, so I just personally try to minimize exposure the best I can.

‘Normal Lives’ are now selfish… spoken like a true liberal communist.

What’s really F’ed up is that for hospitals, pain isn’t much of a priority anymore. Possibly due to the drug epidemic and the fear of creating more addicts.