From Overflowing Hospitals to Hospitals Bankrupt

Here is a good article on Minnesota hospitals closing because of no business. While reporters are claiming rising cases the hospitals have so little business they are laying off most of the workers and shutting down. Same to happen in NC soon if our dictator keeps the lockdown going.


Fairview said Bethesda Hospital will be leased to Ramsey County to be used as a homeless shelter and St. Joseph’s downtown will become a “community hub for health and wellness.”

Or an internment camp conversion.

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What strikes me Mr Nice is that the democrat governor and CDC said that would be overflowing by now and burying the dead in mass graves…

This is nothing but an Election Infection


Watched the Trump Townhall on NBC last night, and besides the obvious ambush journalism and the lack of an actual “Townhall,” one of the questions by a lady in the audience was along these lines. One of the biggest flaws of the Trumpster is that he misses opportunities because of his lack of speaking ability. She phrased her question by first stating that many her profession, healthcare, were being laid off and fuloughed, or taking pay cuts, and what would he do about it. This was a perfect opportunity to take a jab at the insanity and unintended consequences of the lockdowns, and to point out that it is only the media hysteria surrounding Covid that has led to these problems in the healthcare industry.

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U Took Me Words…

Been Thinking That All Along…

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War on all Fronts(denial of): health care, food, information …you name it.

It’s kinda funny how this scam virus is so contagious and deadly. But yet we got homeless everywhere. They must be immune. And all the protesting going on. Thousands of people all over each other. But yet no one getting sick or dying

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What’s even funnier is how people can watch the news about the virus then 10 min later same news about the protesting and NOBODY can put 2and 2 together. Fricken braindead/washed people.

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During this Plandemic, the hospitals should be the most thriving business currently in operation… As more people should be just dying for a hospital stay… It would serve many of them right if they were forced to close… Many did participate in escalating the promotion of unwarranted fears and hyping up the death cases… They profited more initially, by counting other cases, as Covid cases… Many were actually caught staging events to appear overwhelmed with the sick and those who were dying… I imagine many people will be reluctant to trust them with their genuine health care needs… I used to go visit my doctor on a regular basis… I’ve not been back to see him since these scams were put into operation… This was not my private Doctor’s fault but he works within a system that allowed this to occur…

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And All Those MSM Reporter Drs
Caught Faking Being Sick

And The Sheep Are STILL Buying It

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It’s a real alienating feeling being the only person in the store with no mask on

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I know someone who works in the local “biggest hospital” in a big city in Ontario. They say there has not been any drastic increase in patients, Infact the hospital is desperatly needing more.

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Made Me Giggle At It…

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At the height of the scamdemic, people were posting videos of empty hospitals, particularly in NYC, which supposed to be a hot-spot.

Hehehe! Was in wallyworld today and although they’re no longer making it mandatory, people were still masking up right before entering. It seemed to me to be a conditioned response now, sorta like putting on your seatbelt, it’s pretty much done automatically with no thought. This is what is disheartening. I and 2 others were the only ones not masked up on busy Saturday afternoon.
I have plenty of cdc articles on my phone to show people if they want to talk smack just how hypocritical the cdc is.

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