Gavin Newsom will face a recall election, confirms California's Secretary of State

Organizers submitted at least 1.6 million valid signatures, more than 130,000 more than needed to qualify for the ballot.


Counting will be done by Dominion Voting Systems :joy:


And verified by Aunt Nancy.


High chance the results will be in his favor. 34-33.

Goodbye, schlick…hope his ass is gone. Then he can have as many “out door” dinners as he wants. What a useless piece of lying garbage.

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In the next month or so, look for CA to miraculously be on the mends from Covid troubles. You’ll see businesses start being allowed to re-open, dining allowed at increased capacities, low number of new covid infections and deaths and lighter restrictions of the otherwise normal draconian measures. It will seem as if the hand of god himself has blessed CA with good fortune. Behind the scenes it’s really just “Schlick Newsome” re adjusting and loosening the rope from peoples neck a bit. All in an effort to not be shit canned.

Awesome… now do Cuomo.


O Yeah man, now your talkin!! … :beers:
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and his fing bro cnn mouth piece.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, CA covid infections and deaths would drop dramatically due to Newsom’s recall. The average person will call it a miracle and cheer at how great a job Newsom is doing, but it’s really easy to predict when you know it’s all corrupt and fraudulent to begin with.


Los Angeles County reports NO new COVID-19 deaths for the first time in 410 days | Daily Mail Online

Ooooh… that’s why he’s releasing 76,000 violent offenders on life parole… He gota mess the state up all he can while he’s still in power an has the opportunity to truely screw the state up. All makes sense now

Ok slight correction… it’s only 20,000 lifers as this article slight misleading. I’m hoping this is more of a letting go of those caught up in BS or drug trafficking and not nessacerilly the Jason Vorhees type.

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