Gene editing our food

There was gmo, now there is gene editing of our food and livestock. What do you think of this for our food?. I feel it’s one step away from plants not being able to produce seeds for the following year.


Good old fashioned heirloom non GMO seeds grow just perfect until a lack of crop rotation turns the soil into nutrition less desert.

If we worked on building our soil up instead of what we can do to a seed to make it grow in worse conditions, we’d have a better start.

I got my stash of all heirloom/organic seeds.

Easily 3000 packs still left of about 40 different vegetables multiplied by about 3 different varieties of each vegetable.


Good job!, beautiful❤️. I am a seed addict too. You get it. It’s a control thing, with the gov. I used ( what I thought was) the rest of my oxheart, jubilee, old German and ground cherry tomato seeds and planted them, forgot them outside one night. I sure was in a panic. All was not lost, found some seeds I saved from last years stock and planted them. All those tomato seeds in my counter came in handy😊. I am a bit concerned with brassicas and saving seeds. I don’t have enough time in the season to let them flower and seed. Zone 6b. Heard you can dig them and put in a cold room/ cellar until spring, when they will flower. Any thoughts? I start mine in old croissant clear plastic containers, mini greenhouses, until I get a greenhouse.

I’m in 6b and some stuff takes time to start bolting.

I’ve always had access to as many free seeds as I wanted so I’ve never had to start harvesting until now. The plan is though, to have a small homemade greenhouse purely for things I want to go to seed. This will extend my season kn either side.

Carrots are biennial so they take about two years before they’ll go to seed. I’ll just leave them in the same outside garden bed and come-back later. One Carrot left to go to seed will provide 1000 seeds. I love those numbers


Wow, I didn’t know that they will come back in zone 6b. (3 -4 feet of snow.) My last place was 8b. Year round growing.
Lucky for you with seeds. Will see what comes up, last season was my first year garden here in the okanagan.
My bull ate a bunch of stuff from my garden last fall, cabbage, celery etc. NOT this year argh.
At least he fertilized it a bit more.

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Yeah luckily my version of 6b rarely sees much snow accumulation.

Yeah there are a pile of plants they say you can’t just leave in the garden over winter which isn’t true.

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I’m in a valley on the mountains, sitting in the clouds some days. One month of no sun ( dec 07 to Jan 07 approximately). I can handle the snow, it’s better than the wet coast I came from, but can be bitter cold. -25 for a week. I feel like a monk up here!.

I can’t believe that the east coast is 6b also, I always thought it was much colder.

Is there a difference between genetically modified and gene editing? Our beef is GMO…

GMO soil. It’s my billion dollar idea that you came up with.


Yes there is. One introduces another gene into it ( gmo) the other takes some or one out. ( gene editing).
What’s so wrong with what we already have for food stuffs that’s already been here for hundreds of years?.
I think some of these people have a god complex. Genetically modified vs. gene editing - Wells Fargo

Our soul is alive and when we mess with it, ( tilling the ground) we kill a lot of the Mycorrhiza. Turning the soul into dirt.

I wonder how one could gmo the soil, other than the plants changing the dirt. Better get growing BMazed!. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I come up with the good ideas. I let the guys in the lab do the science.

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Funny guy!. I have that in writing… better watch out. :wink: