George Floyd

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welcome to the fray :beers:


Floyd was a false flag. He is probably gumming something somewhere on our money with his no teeth meth mouth.

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Seems like we got people trying to push DTV into Parker

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what’s parker? :rofl: did you mean parler? I thought you’d be more of a twitter twit

I never say this…but…this is
A stupid ass thread and should be locked!! :roll_eyes:

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Didn’t feel the need to correct myself.

I’m telling Parker is seeping into here.

And look who liked it.


One day DTV will return to normal.

Oh, BTW, if you are wondering who flagged your thread,
It was me, ya F’n GOOF! @RuthlessCunt

Why would you post that? It’s beyond fkd up

its funny af though you have to admit

Yes it is… generally speaking, the most funny jokes are.


Crazy what DTV has become.

Almost like the site is getting hijacked so it could get shut down…?

How do you know? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You know it’s one thing to call it out for the false flag that it was. But geez man, that shits cold and unnecessary, not to mention suspicious! That’s exactly how people like Sleepy Sniff get away with labeling all Trump supporters as Proud boys. The establishment shills could not have wished for better. Nice going numb nuts!

And how easy it it to create an account like that and sabotage a forum, and then play victim?

That easy! :wink: