Georgia Certifies Votes

Votes get certified and the 16 electoral votes go to Joe Biden.
Expected signature by state’s governor by tomorrow 5PM.

Wow the players in the emerging one world government certifies it’s own fraud.


I thought GA was all Republican…

Average salary of the Chinese…

Welcome to your future… you really ‘won’ something. The stagnant US paychecks and outsourcing of jobs over the past 50 years finally has us on track to be another slave nation.

Not that versed in US constitutional affairs, but can certification at the state level be overturned by the supreme court?

Trump’s court cases will be tossed out at the state level, but an appeal will be moved above state jurisdiction to federal jurisdiction. I imagine the matter will be decided there. I suppose it all depends on how much evidence can be established that calls into question the legality of the elections. If that ends up being the case, I would imagine there will be three options: Electoral college votes are awarded by the legislature. The states are ordered to vote again. There is another election. Personally, I imagine the logistics of having another election would make it impossible, but a revote in the contested states is probably the most logical course of action that would at least put the choice back in the hands of the voters.

I think you are exaggerating a little bit, dont you think?

What amazes me are asians like yourself who are known throughout the world as ‘the slaves’ think you are ‘winning’ anything by promoting the same type of system of control that gave you that nomenclature in the first place.

For what i know if they present enough evidence of a massive vote switch they can overturn easily of course, Scotus would get involved for something so grave and big, question is…is the evidence there? Because Sidney keeps repeating everywhere that the biggest piece of evidence she has is the affidavit from the military source…i dont think that alone can do anything…

Asian? Who said that im Asian?

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Who said you weren’t?

Yes it can but an English shill would not know that. It would most likely be overturned nation wide. Besides it is already contested. This is the type of comment from those ignorant of our laws

I suppose it all comes down to proving what is claimed.

Yep, its all about that.

I thought he was American.


So we can drop…

‘african’ - american

‘asian’ - american

‘latino’ - american


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Eskimo American.

Indian American

exactly… to all of you ‘american’ comes second…

Nearly right.


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