German rocket engineers build hydrogen car at discount price

Germans know how to build rockets. Now the clever minds of German space engineering are showing a car that not only drives absolutely clean. It should also be super cheap.

Reaching for the stars is their job. Now the inventors from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) are igniting a rocket that is supposed to stay on earth. The SLRV (Safe Light Regional Vehicle), which the researchers have just presented on a test track, has several trump cards.

Body in sandwich construction

With a length of 3.80 meters, the decidedly flat SLRV (for low air resistance) is almost exactly between a VW Up and the Polo. Even so, the car only weighs 450 kg. In addition, weight was saved wherever possible. On the body, for example, it is only 90 kg light, but should still offer a high level of passive safety. The secret lies, among other things, in its sandwich construction (a lightweight construction made of different materials with different properties, in the case of the SLRV: steel and foam), which has not yet been used in car construction. But the DLR researchers want to change that: They want to optimize production technologies so that more sandwiches could be on the streets in the future.

Hybrid of fuel cell and battery

It also runs with a clean fuel cell drive: only water vapor comes out of the exhaust. The fuel cell is connected to a battery that provides additional thrust when starting or overtaking. The whole system is significantly lighter than a conventional electric drive, say the researchers. It should enable a range of 400 km and a top speed of 120 km / h.

Clean car at a dumping price

Probably the biggest highlight, however, are the costs: The development team expects a price of only 15,000 euros and very low maintenance costs on top of that. Those who drive the SLRV for ten years only pay about ten cents per kilometer - significantly less than for conventional cars.

However, it is still unclear when the rocket will launch.

Would be nice.

Looks like the video Nikola just did with their Hydrogen powered Transport Truck. Rolled it down hill to make it look like it was driving under its own power. Sure worked to get investors to dump money in. GM took 11% stake in the company.

If only America would allow it without making it dependant on the oild industry somehow first.

California’s nutty 100% electric vehicles by 2040 will change the whole market though.

True that, Lets just hope the quakey New green deal doest gain speed. :sunglasses:

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The “new green deal” is a thinly veiled attempt at completely destroying the economy “in the name of mankind”.

The democrats don’t care about eachother and spend all their time stabbing eachother in the back how can anyone be dumb enough to think they care about “the good of mankind” don’t make me laugh!!!

Ah! Definately Idgets they are… :joy:

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