Get Vaxxed and Stay Scared ...Because We Said So

Doom Porn 24 \ 7 Has Been

Very Effective on the Herd …



Driven by fear and profits. Masks are not masks. The vaccine is NOT a vaccine. The variants are not variants. Total False Flag.


I loved that pic.



I Know Right…

Classic Retro …EPIC!


Same here, England unlocked yesterday, already talking of new lockdowns and restrictions… And the sheep will follow.

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Yeppers …:sheep:

Just say no

CDC and Texas Confirm Monkeypox In U.S. Traveler | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC


No jab for me too many are dying after they have it.

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The variants are most likely coming from the jabbed.

When something stops a virus…it mutates.


Gidday NSS very nice to meet you and a warm
welcome to our community here, im sure you will very much enjoy
DTV its a really fantastic website the very best there is in my humble opinion,

so please join in and have great time here,
love to hear more of your thoughts ideas and opinions my friend,


Welcome to DTV, best hangout on the nets by far.
Kind regards; the community &

Re the topic & vaxx/virus etc,
i know ive already said this but oh well hehe,

nothing like repeating oneself im sorry i do this often here,
but this whole thing with vax and virus is a huge charade concocted by the new world order conglomerate of hi level groups and individuals on board with it to bring about a one world governing system,
say a beast system really if you like,
there will be ten kings or rulers for ten regions on earth and this lockdown the vaccine demands the fake death and illness is all parts of the depopulation & mass human control systems & plans in effect,

and its a gateway to bring about world control under a totalitarian communist styled system of full spectrum dominance over all aspects of society
from food water playtime work time and basically EVERYHTING we as humans do to be monitored 24-7 all aspects of our lives for a kind of peace at the end of a police state gun barrel so to speak,

and this plandemic scam is how they are implementing this beast system this is what i firmly believe from what i have discovered so far and already think i may know.

Im sorry for everyone we will all be affected by this in ways we cannot yet imagine my friends i wish i could help us somehow more but alas im relatively powerless except to spread whatever wisdom and information i have with you all and urge you to resist all forms of indoctrination of forced vaccination and all the other
green agenda 21-2030 nwo formulations these devils of men have concocted to achieve there dreams of ruling this whole planet brutally sadistically and without any law or truth or order in our societies,

except do what thou wilt as the whole of there law under “love”.

Thats how i feel about it atm, please help me learn more everyone i like to hear your ideas thoughts and opinioons and also make new members feel welcome too,

we were once new here remember how we felt when we came here so help them fit in and feel welcome i ask politely with respect and encourage them to join in be polite agree disagree whatever but always be mature respectful and civil and we can all enjoy dtv all learn & help each other and have a great time together on this very special website,
that luckily still even exists in todays world of total cencorship and control of all thought etc.

Kind regards from David to everyone
please be well and safe brothers & sisters
here if you ever need me always everyone ok.


Yep …Saw That The Other Day

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I have heard that Israel has 83% of new cases are from the Vexed. More than 4 out of 5 cases. Also heard they are blocking the VEXED from traveling into Israel. They took the Death Shot so they can travel, and then are told they cannot travel. They were told they could burn the mask, but they are now told that they must wear a mask. Also, not just 1 Death shot, but 2, plus 1 or 2 more for the Delta variant. And what about the Epsilon variant? Or the Lambda variant? Or the …

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