Getting beaten with flags

Pretty much useless punching someone in the head, or striking them with flag sticks if they have battle gear on.
Maybe put something more pointy on the ends of those sticks?
Not sure where this latest brawl was.


America Strikes Back! LOL great post!

Antifa is all soyboys and sexually confused people that spend their time telling the world that the world needs to be like them and follow popular opinion and the liberal narrative instead of thinking for yourself.

If they do rise up in any significant numbers they will learn that they are NOT powerful and they are NOT changing America they are just loosers not even worthy of being called “larping” and trying to intimidate people.


Bears reposting…

Lemme spell it out for you people… You are under mind control.


Those pussies are like an Italian Army tank with 23 gears…1 forward and 22 reverse


That scene is quite prophetic, is it not?
I can’t help but think of 5g…


Nothing like beating someone with rolled up trump flag even better an American flag :grinning:

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And what the heck were they gonna do with those umbrellas? Pop out of chimneys like Mary Poppins? :rofl:

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Hi Dom, you are an old member here, have you been away for a bit…?
I don’t think I’ve seen you around for ages

Man they were trying to break that flag pole over her back weren’t they?

Guess she had it coming.

Both sides are wrong in this altercation.

Flag poles/bear mace. Umbrellas and whatever else Antifa had.

People like this go to places looking for trouble.

Lets put a pointy end on that stick next time he can kill her dead in the street. Lol.

You guys need to calm down.

Am I the only one that thinks that it is actually 2 Antifa “Females” that are getting their asses kicked?

For sure the girl with the book bag on trying to get her friend up was getting her ass beat.

Did you guys notice that or do you just not care?

Also does anyone have daughters in here?

My views may be a little bias since I have a daughter.

Lmao… I just noticed the OP has a pic of panties for the Antifa females that were getting beat.


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Hi ya old bastid. I’ve been really, really busy. I’m retired early now and I don’t know how I ever had time for anything when I had a job because I sure don’t now. I’m having a house/shop built in Florida, a ‘Barndominium’, and it’s the next stage for my wife and I. Finally, I get to be the crazy roboticist in the woods. No debt, and we own it all free and clear.
I wish I had more time, but every day these days is another hill to climb but once we get settled in it should calm a bit.
I hear the fishing is excellent, and you my friend would always be welcome whether you brought a rod or a case of explosives.

They are out to stop fascism and racism by being fascist and racist.


Lemme guess…wife has the house and you live in shop…,:laughing:a guy in town built a big extension off of 2nd floor of his house to his detached garage…big bedroom in between :+1:

There’s another article here showing a few of those videos…BLM was forced out of town by Patriots…their 15 minutes is up

Yeah, I kinda live in my shop already. My wife comes out there and flicks the lights to tell me it’s time to quit, and she makes me eat dinner because when I am working and focused I have no sense of time. If anything, I’m blessed because she knows that when I am working I’ll keep going until I drop. Pay work is one thing, and I do that without a problem, but when working as an inventor the clock seems to stop.

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Antifa are gender neutral.
Fair game…