Glowing Green Light (Ring) Over Lecce Italy

On 9/1/2017, this anomaly was captured and its crazy :crazy_face:

People claim that its just a auto focus issue with the phones camera

I say its not.

I dont claim to know wtf it is,

But it is interesting.

What say you?

Video can be found here.

Sorry, i tried to find just the video without all the other crap, but could not.

And sorry in advance if this was posted earlier, but did not see it.

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well that was supercool !!! … :beers:

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I know eh?

I have never seen my phone camera do ANYTHING like how the “autofocus is crapping out” type deal.

It does have issues, but NEVER turned something bright white, to neon green and ADD a hole in the middle and make it go away lol


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