God and Alien lovers unite let’s get some humour going on this site 🙂

Well I thought today I’d try to inject some humour into place for everyone as writing about God, Aliens, Angels, Spiritualism and so on and so forth was getting rather boring so here are some light hearted facts to read about for a change after all life’s too short to be making enemies over differing opinions :slightly_smiling_face:

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crytaline acid would have be a bad overdose actualy . if you would have hold it in your hands . maybe he was luckily careful enough though

Ever done “LSD” ?

of course . but its also being pushed these days is quit disgraceful

I dunno man, I DO KNOW an individual who ate too much in his youth…

He is BEYOND schizophenric. Seriously used to be a normal dude.

Should’ve stuck to shrooms :astonished: :slightly_smiling_face: :mushroom:

Awesome profile image man :+1:

I ate me some shrooms saturday night! love em👍 3 times a month


The glass of Orange juice guy is from my home county and stays at the Cornwall mental asylum, dude is a legend.

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“False god Satan” will send “Fallen Angel Demons” who will FOOL EVERYONE that they created mankind and are our ALIEN saviours.

Do NOT listen to False god Satan who is the Father of ALL LIES!

There exists only ONE GOD who is
Jesus Christ The One “True” Most High Father (Original Source) Creator God!

Jesus Christ who is THE ONE AND ONLY GOD is arriving very soon on Earth to vanish False god Satan’s Alien Demon New World Order!

You’ve been mislead somewhere along your way :joy: This thread isn’t about God or the devil this is about a little humour FUN FACTS IS THE CLUE.
Even Jesus has a sense of humour lol :joy:

Lovers of the false “god” Satan and lovers of demons pretending to be aliens unite.


Hmm I’m pretty sure Jesus was only a man when he was here the first time around he certainly wasn’t a god as you seem to think, he preached what he believed in and he died on the cross because of his morals, he simply wasn’t going to bend to pressure to become one of life’s YES men (or arselickers).
He’s still around watching as the world gets on with its business and he still has those same morals though he’s pretty upset at the way humanity has turned religion into a weapon of terrorism and war it wasn’t supposed to turn out the way it has done, the people of this planet haven’t learnt to live in peace and harmony the way they should have, no he’s properly concerned.

There are good gods (of heaven) and bad gods (of hell) who are ruled over by The Most High GOD who is “Pure Golden Infinite Unconditional Love”!

The goal of all gods is to leave behind heaven and hell by “merging” spiritually AS ONE with The Most High GOD and “ascending” to live forever in GODS Timeless Infinite Eternal Golden Paradise Kingdom Of Unconditional Orgasmic Love Bliss Peace Power Joy Glory Happiness!

It must get pretty interesting being right all of the time.
Ok I’ll let you have it your way if that’ll please you!