Gold Miners Discover Meteor Crater in Aussie Outback

Still Trying to Cypher Out Cats

Gold Miners Discover
Huge Meteor Crater
In The Australian Out Back



Awe…some find…we’ve got some of the coolest stuff being unearthed…the land that time forgot has had its share celestial events :facepunch: ( it’s days face punch emoji but it’s respect all day in my book) :wink: :beers:

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I Thought It Was Coolio :star_struck:

Here’s Me Using Emoji in a Post :stuck_out_tongue:

I Want My Badge!


Dammit :see_no_evil: lol

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Relax you must…the badges come they will :laughing: :beers:

Badges I Want
What Ever The Font
Just Don’t Call Me Shirley

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Look at that, you’ve just earth yourself the plane emoji badge… :rofl: :beers:

Hahahaha :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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And I just earned the i didn’t read what I wrote badge I earthed it :crazy_face: :beers:

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Forgot I Posted This…


Waaaaat, :hushed: how wierd is that skip, only sayin that to you about the rock the other day,…


Eerie huh lol do do DO DO do do…that’s what X files theme looks like in writing :joy: :beers:


Sounded Like Dragnet

To Me😜

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I know I watched boys of it but can’t get the tune for the life of me :beers:

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