GOOD NEWS OF THE WEEK (Week of May 9th)

Taken from the CJTruth channel on Telegram.

GOOD NEWS OF THE WEEK (Week of May 9th)

  1. May 15th, people in 100 cities around the world united against Covid tyranny in the second World Wide Demonstration for Freedom.

  2. More than 500 Orange County, CA, residents united and spoke at the Board of Supervisors meeting against vaccine passports, causing the BOS to pause their plans.

  3. Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings kitchen line removed from Target website after Courtney Stodden accuses her of past bullying.

  4. MSM was forced to admit that it’s plausible Covid originated in a lab, as scientists from Stanford, Harvard and MIT slam the WHO for dismissing the ‘viable’ theory and call for more research.

  5. RINOs chose Chip Roy to replace ousted Liz Cheney. Chip got clobbered 134-46 in favor of the hand picked Trump candidate, Elise Stefanik.

  6. TX State Legislature passed a bill banning abortions performed after the detection of a fetal heartbeat. Gov. Abbott will sign this into law

  7. Josh Hawley’s book is a Top 10 Bestseller despite cancellation attempts. In it, he lays out his plan for antitrust legislation against Big Tech

  8. MI Senate Oversight Committee voted 3-0 to subpoena 55,000 documents relating to Gov. Whitmer’s handling of nursing homes after ignoring its initial request for two months.

  9. Disney’s revenues decreased $636 million in the second quarter, followed by a 4% drop in stock price.

  10. Israel continued to bombard Gaza, destroying the office tower that housed several propaganda media outlets including Al Jazeera and AP.

  11. Dr. Shiva’s First Amendment lawsuit alleging the US Government made Twitter silence his political speech is headed to federal court May 20th. Judge orders Twitter to testify.

  12. Swamp Rat and Deep State agent Liz Cheney was fired yesterday and Kevin McCarthy is feeling the heat.

  13. The wall is being built on the Southern border again.

  14. In Arizona, the 2020 Election is being shown to be stolen in this audit and more evidence is coming out every day. More states will be revealed in coming days.

  15. Trump is absolutely unleashing “bombs” in his messaging and he is just getting warmed up.

  16. Ellen cancels her show after 19 years (Anons know why).

  17. Fauci lying in front of Congress being found out as a total fraud.

  18. More masks are coming off after CDC makes their recommendation

  19. NYT just published an article detailing how Fusion GPS and other private spy agencies manipulated journalists into believing in the fraudulent Steele Dossier, and how often this corrupted relationship drives deceitful news.

  20. GOD IS IN CONTROL and will continue to be IN CONTROL. His love endures forever!

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how is that good news?

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there’s lots of jews on here bro… trust me


Probably meant this part.

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i was hoping to see that iran nuked isreal. i guess i could keep dreaming. number six gives me hope that logical people still exist. “bacteria is life on mars but a heartbeat isn’t life on earth? weird!” tom macdonald.

@ReturnofTruthdefendR Thank You for your comment. Spot on.

Interesting how others can read into something that isn’t there.


Are You Familiar with Telegram and its App?

I am linking (Messenger) up a story from a channel in the hopes you will follow it and not only read that content. But maybe read the other posts and possibly join that channel. has a channel on Telegram to which I am attempting to pass information while informing others of this platform. You may have missed this.

I really expected someone to be nit pickey on that fact that this was created a week prior.

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