Google is “maniacally anti-Trump”

Sometimes I randomly think of a Google search that tests the censorship practices of Google regarding the whole Trump vs Biden coverage.

I decided to Google:

“Jokes about how stupid Biden is”

As well as

“Jokes about how stupid Trump is”

Google gave 10 results for each search.
Below I placed a screenshot of my results.

Not a single link for jokes about how stupid Biden is. 0 out of 10

Trump on the other hand… 10 out of 10

So if Google isn’t censoring the search results and it’s an honest, raw sample of the data thats out there, this would mean there’s not a single person that walks this planet that would ever make up a joke that puts Biden in a bad light and every single negative political joke written during the 2020 election was written about Trump.

I realize this was by no means an intensive study but all the same, the average American isn’t necessarily doing extensive research when they base their decisions for next POTUS. We all know Googles results are a major influence when the average person is looking for information in which to base their decision.


I do not use Google for anything. They are biased on every subject you look. They apply the globalist, liberal spin on everything. They are also major proponents of hate speech legislation.


Its like using Windows as an operating system. It’s just so dang easy.

Any suggestions out there on a good search engine?

basically any are better. Google is the very worst. Yahoo sucks just as bad too. Try some searches on either of those and then look at DuckDuckGo. Duck is getting so popular that Google released a lie saying they had bought it out to turn confidence away from it


Wow…thats quite the claim if it isn’t true.

There you have it. 10 out of 10 for both using…that’s fair.

Well, tRump is pretty stupid so it makes sense…

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Don Jon Trump is a Joke. Always was and always will be.

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The reasoning of that entire comment did not make sense.

Maybe so but one would think you wouldn’t be fine with Google hiding everything else from you.

Reading comprehension issues again huh ?!..

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:joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah…if you can’t understand there’s not much point.

My using your quote must be what you’re unable to understand ?!..

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Thing is, just a simple test, like you did, reveals the bias in the “tech world” and everyone is now realizing that this bias is not only paralleled in MSM but in every aspect of our lives. Finance, the music and entertainment industry, logistics, all federal alphabet agencies and since the elections we see it at the state and local levels…they are backing us into a corner.

Okay I’m avoiding going out to work in the yard anyway so let’s break it down…

My topic gave a comparison of search results between Biden and Trump when asked a very straightforward question that any mentally sound person would agree, should come back with a straightforward answer.

You ask Google for the weight of the Higgs Boson partical you get a very straightforward answer.

When asked for ‘Jokes about how stupid biden is’, Google provides zero answers for this. This, was the most concerning point of the topic that I thought most would focus on.

You however are intensely seething over the possibility that you’ve been taken on the long con to an extent where you see red and you return to the mindset of our Cro-Magnon ancestors and get confused and angry and jump to attacking either Trump or the poster.

At the end of the day I’m sure a few of us enjoy the entertainment you provide.

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Do you mean as hostile as you and others get when there are articles posted on here about Biden beating tRump in the election ??..

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Some do probably more than others.

I usually try to reply with an information based reply as opposed to straigh up baseless attacks though.

I didn’t attack you, I responded that tRump is stupid…
If you took that comment as attacking you, I do apologize…


Cool beans

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I looked up information on ConstitutionAlist and they were censoring content about him too… Must not be trending…

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