Gov. Andrew Cuomo says 'I am the government' no longer sees himself as just a governor - he is the government

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says ‘I am the government’

Andrew Cuomo is an egotistical tyrant that has been trying destroy small businesses in NY for years he is finally accomplishing that without remorse

ALBANY - Gov. Cuomo no longer sees himself as just a governor - he is the government.

Cuomo, during a radio interview Wednesday, flashed a little ego when he argued that his sky-high poll numbers are less about him personally and more about the renewed pride New Yorkers are taking in state government since he took office in January .

“I am the government,” Cuomo said on Albany’s Talk 1300.

When reminded that there is also a state Legislature, Cuomo quickly added “on the executive side.”

As governor, Cuomo is not alone in keeping the government running. He commands a vast array of departments, commissioners and tens of thousand of government workers.

He doesn’t control the state Controller or Attorney General’s office - two other executive branch agencies - and the Legislature and Judiciary are separate branches of state government.


BREAKING! just in!
NY Governor Cuomo say “ I am your servant “


He was placed into office, his debate in 2010 was a staged gong show


This is their ‘Great Reset’…tyrants vs slaves.

There is no more ‘We the People’ in their new world order.
Only flesh to be abused and blood to be spilt.

Meanwhile, protesters in #Guatemala pull out a Guillotine and demanding President Giammattei’s head, while the congress building burns.


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That Peado POS

Makes Me Puke…

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As long as New Yorkers keep cowering under him that idiot will be doing that. They need more of those shop owners to openly defy him like they are. If all the people were to come together they could make him nothing but a big mouth barking orders that no one listens to at all.


You mean like this! People will get to a point… have to make a choice and make no mistake, it’s coming SOON if TRUMP’S EO is condemned by the media on all channel everywhere to drowned out the truth!

Soon people will be up in arms. If a traitor to our country is being praised on national tv! all while swearing their right hand on a bible…piles of paperwork/documentation showing the BIDENS are an evil crime family!


Something is going to happen. We have 7 governors who are just picking on the people because they can. Poke the bear long enough and he will turn on you. I would love to see the 7 democrats swinging from a rope …starting with Stupor Cooper


You will respect my authoritay! Cartman or Cuomo? Or both!

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Cuomo will be saying that shit when the noose is around his neck and he will be thinking that as he passes through the trap-door , right until his eye-balls pop out and he shits himself.

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More attacks on democrats I see.

Let’s do our best to make DTV a Alt-Right conspiracy site.

Blue Wave coming 1/20 be sure to bring your swimsuits.

Has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with alt-right and you know it!

Show me some pro liberal/democrat posts.

You may think what you think for your own reason but I have my own beliefs.

Why would I do that? If you think this site is all about group think , you should do some looking around or just troll somewhere else possibly.

Like I said

Alt-Right Conspiracy Site.

I can’t stand by and let that happen.

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