Government Leak - New FLiR Captures

Here’s the newest videos to leak. This is filmed via phone, because you cannot just stick a thumb drive into a government computer to download a file without it being captured and reported somewhere.

It was shared to a friend of mine, who’s shared it to me. I’m sharing it with all of you.

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The first one. Is that 2 separate cameras? I’m trying to figure out the display info.

Interesting vids. This is the first time I’ve seen them. The object in the first vids seems to either change course or just accelerate quickly like it’s tracking the A-10.

No idea on the other two videos. Literally a rubber duck at speed on the 2nd vid!

Will be interesting to see if the government authenticates them in the coming weeks. Thanks for sharing.

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lol these are not government leak videos. what a joke. @UFOsworldwide move your trash into the trash.

Same thing I have most nights if not all, above my house. I would say hologram as the second thing seems to have parts in the center disapearing.

this is the edited version

This is the original. When it is clear out at night, i see them multiple times a night. Plus saucers as in the photo above. These I believe are holograms

:laughing::rofl: this is ten characters

For sure, who knows what they are, the person who got these said the guy states he’s trying to get some stuff out, hopefully he follows up with more, and I mean I can’t see someone faking a bunch of flir videos to film them from a cell phone and share. Either way, I took what was shared and did some edits on it like I always do and I’m glad it found you and you found it as interesting as I did :blush:

Photos are hard to say, videos showing movements are best , I found that if I messed around with my camera settings I can get some decent low light captures, but if I try to do the same with the video options it didn’t work out well. So I installed a screen recorder app to do the video recording of the photo app open on a photo setting, if that even makes any sense to ya

Good to hear from you. Starting to think i was the only one. I’ve tried making a mount for a scope but could not find a tripod that would not wiggle when zooming. Been looking for something better. The damn trails that they drop in the sky keeps the things hidden most always behind a plasma cloud it is around everything that moves. It is either to cover up what is going on or false flag with holograms. I pick the latter. Once you start disecting the pictures you will see the same object throughout the whole picture in diffferent positions. I have read much paperwork from government websites on such things as holographic projections using barium strontium niobate crystals. These crystals can store much digital information and produce three deminsional pictures over hugh areas using 3g 4g and especially 5g, lasers and that. If you look, at least where i am at the only stars you can see are the big dipper and that might be a holo. There are these thing most people believe are stars but they are not. From far off they twinkle red, green, blue, yellow, all the colors of the full light spectrum but up close it is this thing that constantly rolls in all different directions. The way that it looks from a distance and seeing all the different positions of the same thing in one picture screems refraction. I have a video of that thing but never could get it to post. Today i saw someone post how to do it so i will work on it. I have been watching this going on for years. Whoever or whatever it is, has been making big strides and the government knows about, hense the chemtrails. False flag i say.

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oh and i have so many photos.

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