Great Reset: IMF to Redistribute U.S. Wealth Via Proto-Global Currency



These communists are great ta “redistributing” tax payers money but never there own.
They bang on all anti capatalism but they still take the moneys in truckloads and never share there own money either.
Its communism/socialism for the slaves but not for them…

I dont think the poor misled people that voted for this guy really knew what they were signing up for,
they are going to be very unhappy campers soon when the agenda really takes its toll,
i dont know if trump could have stopped it maybe only forestalled for a short time.

Or he may be on board too which is what i really suspect is the case.

Its a disgusting traitorous thing to cary out on hard working peoples savings and posessions.

From the article in the link please:

As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, this abuse by the IMF and the Biden administration is a backdoor bailout for tyrants and a lawless effort to bypass Congress and federal law. However, even more significantly, it is a dangerous scheme to globalize the monetary system and allow the global elites to rule humanity without national governments being able to stand in the way. Instead of allowing the IMF to redistribute Americans’ wealth by stealth, Congress should seize on this outrageous abuse to formally withdraw from the IMF and all of its schemes.

This is relevant too:----->

China Becomes First Nation On Earth To Create A Digital Currency In Move That Could Threaten The Global Dominance Of The United States Dollar


Congress go on long vacations every couple days, they work very hard for the American people. If they have any energy left to fight this monstrosity before their next vacation than we will defeat this! Believe in the power of congress!

They not gonna get to do this biden is a fake president and the military is still in control. Check out this inteldinarchronicles. blog

What you call is actually meaningless! communism is capitalism alike its just a method to achieve greatness, what’s eternal is the people inside.

  • By using capitalism globalism can keep their power for a long long time.

  • By using communism China can redistribute their power and revert to its previous form

Try watching this video : Communism and the Crony-Capitalist Heart: A Connection?

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