Great site to test Linx out and see what its all about!

You will find many operating systems,
which you can test directly online without a installation.

There are no restrictions for the operating system:
You can use all functions of the system,
Uninstall and install software, test installed programs and
even delete or format the hard disk or system files…


For questions please use the mail address:

So that the whole website works,
We need a small team consisting of:

Forster Tobias
Tasks: Helper
Mail: Klemann Andy
Tasks: Administration, Programming, Servermanagement

Cool thanks!!!

I think everyone should be able to use at least one alternative to windows because they are getting down right tyranical.

-updates are “manditory” if you don’t update the computer slows, bit by by bit stopps working and eventually crashes.
-half the OS being “in the cloud” and litterally designed to systamatically sabotage non-windows software.
-The os is essentially a AI wrapped in a OS designed to collect information to sell

  • nearly 90% of Viruses are made to target windows computers
    -everything needs to be changed and adjusted constantly if you want it to keep working and your settings never “stay” with every update they go back to defaults which are by design to “allow” all remote connections and spying anyone might want to spy on you.

I think in the next 5 years linux will replace windows as the “most relevant” OS on PC and quite possibly the gaming console world as well.

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