Groveling white woman forces children to worship black women, gets berated even worse

Will this madness never end?
If anyone ever wondered how do you weaponize a population of dumbed down dunces? Take a moment to understand the psychological, chemical (food, water, air, rmf, emf, 5g) and social pressure behind the grovel snowflake/white guilt “phenomenon”, and you will have your answer. It is premeditated and criminal!

By 2015 they had reached critical mass and wasted little time putting the plan into action. They used the Trump presidency masterfully to further their agenda. Did Trump actually do anything to expose and oppose this madness? Or did he effectively give them the perfect villain the needed most?

Do simpleton normies have any chance against premeditated manipulations of the deep state establishment? Are we playing on a level playing field? Who are the true villains behind the curtains? Because at the end of the day, when you get to the heart of the matter, this is not simply just a brainwashed useful idiot crisis, it’s a rogue intelligence cabal crisis. What’s really going on here?

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That’s it lady, you beat those kids unnecessary guilt and Is it me or did did the “ALL HAIL”. Part sound demonic?

Why is it that we only look at the worst examples of ourselves? Why do we use extreme examples of morons to discredit ideas we don’t agree with?

This happens on all sides, it makes me roll my eyes. Like the numerous videos of Trump supporters recorded saying very stupid things. Liberals relish those videos and use them as an excuse to blow the whole lot of them off as well. And the numerous gaff videos of Donald Trump too, and of course now Joe Biden. But no one sees their own side’s gaffs and morons.

We are doing this to EACH OTHER, when will we just see the crazies and morons as crazies and morons regardless of what side of center they exist? There’s just crazies and morons out there people!

And yes, I agree, this lady is whack.


Because the “worst example of ourselves” is what keeps us divided. And being divided and conflicted is what they need. Some of us can see what is going on and it goes way further than this silly political battle


I believe the only way to stop whatever the fark is going on is by LOVING EACH OTHER. That’d throw a wrench in it wouldn’t it.


Totally agree but given the corruptness there are too few like us. They are willing to fight and kill…I really dont want to kill anything but fighting might have to take place and that is not in the realm of love

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I believe entirely, whole heartedly, that the meek shall inherit the earth. It is long suffering, kindness, gentleness that will heal us. Fear and hatred only cause more fear and hatred. I refuse to give in to the outrage machine, I refuse to become polarized, I REFUSE to be led by the nose by it. I choose love, forgiveness, compassion, and seeing the divinity in every person. Forgive them for they know what not they do applies to all of life.


May I ask if you consider yourself more religious or spiritual?

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I have evolved out of Christianity, I used to be a devout Christian most of my life. But the Spirit is so strong in me, that it would not allow me to believe in concepts like eternal hell. I grappled with that for many years, turned to Andrew Jukes and his book “The Restitution of All Things” which spelled out through Greek and Hebrew translations of words and phrases that Jesus died for ALL humanity and is the jubilee of jubilees very literally. Basically that everyone is saved. But eventually, my faith shattered. From the debris, after years, I finally found the truth that resonates fully with the Spirit in me.

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Thanks for the detailed answer! I too saw at an early age that my religious upbringing was holding me back from something greater. I remember sitting in church when I was around 12 years old and hearing the preacher saying that if you were not saved your soul would burn in hell for all eternity…I thought to myself, what kind of God would do that? Well that led to finding my true self. Its not that I dont believe in a higher power, so to speak. But I have to be careful what is said here because there are lots of members who might be good people but just like my christian friends and some relatives, they tend to try and push their beliefs on you to “persuade” you that their religion is best…I guess I am kinda getting off topic now


Right on!!! (yes I apologize for being off topic as well)

I feel you! Indeed, like your handle too. We are avatars of our higher selves here that’s what I believe.

I used to be one of those people, I remember being preachy hehe. My entire family is devoutly southern baptist, I am the black sheep. I have no problem respecting their beliefs I don’t look down at anyone. It’s all subjective down here! Nice to meet you :grin:

You go girl!

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Totally brainwashed bi the current regime. Or just plain stupid

Yes Indeed, we are but avatars here! and good to meet you too!
PS…I also see that you are a hippie music freak from Florida?
I used to live in Florida and was a musician, not so much a hippie tho. But that is a conversation for another time…err thread I guess

Referring to who or what exactly?

That is virtue signalling taken to the max. I have not and will not worship any human being of any color on this planet. I do not care if they are rich, poor , black white brown red or yellow if they want to to worship them all they will get is told where to go and what to kiss. I will go out now and make a point to my grandchildren to never do this, but I think they know.
That woman should lose her kids and be put in a mental institute.

the interesting thing there for me is…
can we define what meek really is?

A person who is meek in my opinion, is someone who values peace above all else. Someone who is gentle, slow to anger who strives to understand because understanding facilitates compassion. Someone who, when wronged, does not lash out in anger and retribution, vindictiveness. But rather searches withing themselves for the way to express their grievances while considering what may have driven the one who wronged them to do what they did. Someone who understands the only behavior they can control is their own and makes every effort to only be helpful and a blessing to all living things. Whose goal in life is to cause no harm and be at peace withing themselves no matter what the circumstance is, day by day by day.


would it also relate to how they treat their environment?
the way they live?
are they dependent on the machinations of domestic infrastructure?
are they kind to all things on this planet?
do they see themselves as being above the other creatures inhabiting the planet?
is living in a city considered meek?
do city dwellers ever think about the effect they are having on the land?
many aspects i wonder about, i have considered what it is to be meek in this modern age on a number of occasions.
i don’t know the answers, why couldn’t they have been more specific? haha

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We are all the products of our parents, upbringing, environments, cultures. Where to lay the blame?

I believe in the cliche “be the change that you want to see”. If everyone did that how different would the world be? The only thing we can do is change our own responses to whatever is thrown our way. That’s literally the only thing any of us can do we don’t have control of anything else, just ourselves.

Civilizations are like sea foam, frothy bubbles. They form, expand, and burst. Right now we are close to bursting, people have to live in cities there are so many of us. Its not ideal but what is the solution? I myself would prefer to have a few acres of land, to be resourceful enough to work it and to be self sustaining. I myself think longingly about the way people lived 200 years ago even though that life was TOUGH im sure. We can’t blame people who live in cities as if they largely had the ability to change their situations. There is no other choice for most people, and they don’t know anything different. We are all stuck in one way or another and those who aren’t (my hats OFF to all you off grid people, rock ON) aren’t exactly in the position to spread their knowledge and wisdom to the masses, until the bubble bursts or the zombie apocalypse or whatever is going to happens.

My boyfriend lives off grid in Minnesota, he lives on 20 acres in a yurt and grows mary jane for a living. I LOVE it! Hes going to start wintering here in Florida with me though lol.

Sorry I’m just rambling I need to eat hehehe very lightheaded. Have a lovely evening :v:

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