Guillotines on order for Canada... What?

I could only hope this is fake news; possibly a sick joke, but from what has been happening this past year nothing should come as a surprise…
Canada dealing with covid 19 with programmable hydraulic guillotines?


I read through it,
Its for 2

So, i dont think its as nefarious as this “reset” talk Justin hitler is spewing now.

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FYI, Nazi germany used Guillotines regularly…


That is why I questioned the word Holocaust.

More heads were severed then cremated.

Where is the burnt offering.

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Nope thats legit and has been filled to the tune of $65k

Different thread, same topic about the guillotines

Says they too small to fit a noggin, i looked on the site, but i cant find the dimensions.

I asked @ExaltedOne to help look, as he posted the dimensions mentioned.

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I would hope this is the case.
I never knew the word guillotine was used for paper cutter…

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You and me both :+1:t2::grinning:

They’re perfect for sharia law…



I hope sasquatch gets to pull the lever as heads go rollin. Lotta evil fake humans running things, and yeah. Sasquatch doesn’t want all humans suddenly trying to come live in his forests… you can kiss the natural laws of earth bye bye the moment that happens, especially here in America. Consumers don’t know how to plant seeds and keep the garden healthy.



It does not mention the dimensions, but i been so busy looking for that, i missed the
For “Office Devices and Accessories”

I dont know what that means or refers to, but it cant be good.

Please don’t make it seem like they only want to kill Christians only. It’ll be for those who don’t comply with the NWO. I don’t believe in Christianity and don’t like them but I know you all still deserve basic human rights and wouldn’t harm y’all. It’s obvious it’s for those who don’t comply with the “great reset” bs agenda. Any mass killings will be after the vaccines are administered. It’ll dumb down the people and they’ll make them believe the non compliers are a liability to health because of Plandemic.

in my past career I reviewed RFQ’s and prepared quotes for municipal, state and federal projects so I delved a bit farther into this RFQ.

If you read just the request for bid you can draw the wrong conclusion. Reading ALL the documents attached to the request you will find it is for an industrial paper cutter.

Agency responded to questions posed by the Morh company so I researched them and found they make industrial paper cutters and yes, they do refer to it as a guillotine in their marketing.

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The Bigger questions should be:

Who is to have these?

Why is this even being considered for acquisition?

What for?
To be used by?
Where ?

very disturbing

The acquisition is for 2

For office use

I am now concerned about the talk that in alberta anyway, running out of room in the hospitals and the stress on the “system” cannot be contained to just hospitals.

Some news, yes, MSM, are stating we need to think about placing covid “patients” elsewhere.

ENTER…the camps that the Canadian government has placed out for tender in a earlier post.