Halloween Occult Days

A spiritual heads up, these days are called Samhain. I see it as a bit of fun typically, but there are those that take it much more seriously. You may see things that make no sense, but there are reasons for it, and those reasons may not be of good intention. Prepare yourself and your house.

Encyclopedia Britannica notes that, during this festival, the world of the gods “was believed to be made visible to humankind,” leading to supernatural tricks and trouble; ghosts of the dead and spirits from the Otherworld were also thought to return to the earth during Samhain. To appease deities during this time, sacrifices (generally of crops and animals) were burned in bonfires as a protective measure from from evil otherworldly beings and offerings were left out for other visiting mischievous spirits. Tricks and pranks were often played, but blamed on fairies and spirits during the three-day period when the line between the two worlds blurred.



The devil is a mothafucking liar! So you know i aint worried

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We do no Halloween at all in our house. Kids and grandkids do not celebrate it either.

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We call it Hop-tu-Naa in the Isle of Man…

All these celebrations and their dark origins and yet even Christians turn a blind eye to. It’s such an ingrained tradition - ingrained as in: Fused or, inseparable.

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Encouraging kids to go door to door begging for goodies from complete strangers is the height ofparental stupidity.

I appreciate not all parents do it that way but in many places they are asking for trouble.

I also fail to understand how it’s a “Holiday” who exactly turned it into a holiday , ? Do some people get a day off work or the schools close ?

Over here the chavs find any excuse to dump their kids of and get bladdered , dull as do shiit.

Instead of Halloween - since a lot of Christians began questioning the true origins - there’s what is called a harvest festival. Kids still mask up and go around in big parking lots collecting candy, it’s called Trunk or Treat, actually. I look at it as a symbolic compromise/approach to what many consider a pagan tradition.
This year has been canceled due to the bogeyman…


Yeah it really is a compromisei don’t think it matters …they condemn the celebration of pagan traditions but they still let their kids participate in the rituals of halloween…really all holidays and the dates for the most part are pagan in origin every holiday we participate in the same ancient pagan rituals. We have replaced the deities that were originally celebrated with Christ and other christian saints. In some cases I think it’s done purposely to trick people into doing the rituals to please baal or Satan or something else.

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I think you’re right. The celebrations that are taken for granted as something wholesome and good just might have dark ulterior motives behind them, unbeknownst to those celebrating, or they just don’t care.

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Probably a little of both.they know what halloween glorifies but it’s fun and can be made to appear innocent so they don’t care and do it anyway… Im guilty of doing it too with my kids but it has always been in the back of my mind when I have…

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It is a remnant of satanic child or human sacrifice thats what it really is,
although the world seemed to turn christian over the ages yet behind the scenes hiding in plain sight usually in churches btw was always a bunch of satanists by any name you like according to regional areas
like one name being voodoo or balau balauta or gree gree etc for examples but its all the same thing its the fallen angels who died thousands of years ago some before the great flood and there spirits were not allowed into heavenly rest or the heavenly realms for judgement day etc, so they roam the earth in spirit forms the ones that were not put in chains in the abyss etc, they were allocated one of 70 regions of earth hungry for human bloood and they demand it and if the tribes in that particular area dont coff up the sacrificed dead bodies[BLOOD] they cause “mischief” and real troubles they posess someone and do murder through them or stuff like this, the only way to fight it is by the words of Jesus or God thats why Jesus came down to help us all in this way,
cos these demonic entities cant stand his name nor the power it retains
and the hallows eve is one of the times that they become active because of planetary alignments and moon position form portals are more easily opened during these witching hours as you already know yep,

this is how i understand hallows eve and like so many forms of satanic worship like baal astarte nimrod semiramis etc etc xmas easters etc, its all the same thing manifesting as the demons they really are to put it over humanity and prey on our weakness and our blood they want cos blood has primordial light energy power its in the blood as well as the ruach[breath].
They are likely still in physical forms too they have survived in various human hybridsed forms underground under the sea and inside mountains caves even amongst us too etc they already have very high technologies [ufos etc] paranormal etc
they interbred with humanity aeons ago before the flood and on mnt hermon too and there time is coming again to re appear too so they think to recover this world from us once more and rule over whats left of us as a co interbred species but dominant,
however, there plans are not going to work no matter how far humans tech has come because of there interference over the centuries,
God and JC are going to kick some a***rse soon enough,u
be sure to pick your side carefully theres no 2nd chance brothers and sisters sorry but there just aint ok.

Luv yous all always no matter what you think of me,
i can only tell my truth as i see it ok, its not based on fantasy or only myth but reality and research personal experience too,
best i can do for you all truly my friends.
take care everyone your all good people im sure.


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