Happening here what about where you are

So I had a funny convo with a lady at my work so happy and cheerful Tuesday she will get her mask off because she’s vaccinated I said cool cool screw that but what eves and she continued I got a whole 75 bucks to get it I really needed that 75 bucks? Thats all it took what about where u guys live this happening?


University of Lethbridge giving the chance to win free tuition.

Ohio offering up five prizes of a million dollars per week to get vaccinated.

“Robert Litan, a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who served in the Clinton administration, has advanced the most robust plan by suggesting paying people $1000 for vaccination.”

(Note he’s from too of the most nefarious institutions on the planet.)

The estimated cost for this proposal would be approximately $275 billion…

John Delaney, a former congressman from Maryland and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, has suggested paying every individual in the US who provides proof of vaccination $1500 via check or direct deposit.9 If every adult took advantage of this program, the estimated cost would be approximately $383 billion…

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Seriously how far they willing to go to get us a shot makes me want it less and less they don’t try this hard for the flu vaccine why this one



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If both the disease and the cures were legit they wouldn’t have to offer incentives… Like free doughnuts, a free happy meal or a chance to win a free car… They wouldn’t need to bribe the public with the opportunities to travel freely or to go back to work… Those are fundamental human rights we should have anyway regardless of a Flu epidemic… Whatever the reasons, it is not for your benefit or for the benefit of humanity…


Exactly, why would they need to bribe people if it was good for us. Don’t buy into it!


Not enough money in this world.

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