Has anyone heard of low6?

i liked debating him and his insane views…

is he alive?

has he exploded?

any news on him??

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Not since dtv1

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I tried to stay in touch a bit, last I heard was kinda a mess.

His wife got pregnant by another man, and left him. Said the baby was his and got him for child support. He was fighting it last I heard. He then moved to San Fransisco a bunch of years back, and got into the transvestite thing, and last said he was looking to join the military to get free re-assignment surgery.


Yeah right hehehe.

The lowsix/drextinshow is surely missed…



thx for ze info…
so hes lowlife now…

Would love to hear from Lowsix…

Drextin lol completely forgat about that attentionwhore…

Give me Pindz…


hahahaha… yeah pindz…

Those were nice days. Lowsix. Spock. Even Pindz.


oh hey I got in touch, she sent a pic for everyone…


hahahaaa… zats him…

Pindz Vanished from the internet. Hasn’t posted in many years.


sad… hope hes not dead…

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he was so into ufos… i guess they just beamed him uo…

Good to see you about, hope marduk is well too.
Not who you were looking for, and not in original guise.

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I cannot tell you how many times I tried to reason with Pindz that I was not a CIA operative, but rather reasonably good at searching and scouring the web. But he never went for it. I think it was because he took a photo of what was clearly a Sea Gul and insisted it was a craft… And I had to explain that FIRST we should ask what something is not before deciding what it is… BUT. He was fun to read.


is he alive??? or turned into a lizard??

would love to hear from him now… yrs after all that… he must be enlightened now…

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Me too. Somehow, that was a more innocent time in the world. In a strange way. Those days were the start of this mess we are seeing.

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