Has Noah's Ark Been Found (?)

Video photo: a corridor and a doorway are observed as well as a sloping floor. The doorway is seemingly provided with at least one door. In the wall on the right there is a row of long narrow openings. These openings may be intended for air circulation within the building.

These live images were taken during the NAMI years.
NAMI stands for Hong Kong based ‘Noah’s Ark Ministries International’.
For some years around 2009, a Turkish-Chinese exploration team entered this colossal ancient wooden building, in the bottom of a deep gorge, high on ‘Agri Dagh’ as is the official Turkish name for Mount Ararat.
In meanwhile NAMI as well as ArkInsight Foundation are disestablished.

The location of this archaeological site was rediscovered in june 2008 by the local mountain guide Ahmet Ertugrul also known by his nickname Parasut.

These days this archaeological site is under protection and investigation of the Turkish authorities with involvement of high classified scientists.

For eyewitness accounts on Noah’s ark in recent past, please see:

Observations archaeological discovery mount Ararat (p1)

Observations archaeological discovery mount Ararat (p2)

Observations archaeological discovery mount Ararat (p3)

Parts Noah’s ark exposed ??

" Every now and then I watch Google Search images of ‘Mount Ararat’ or Turkish name ‘Agri Dagh’, purely for relaxation and pleasure. So too on the evening of January 6, 2021, I saw the beautiful photo series on Turkey by the St. Petersburg-based photographer Inna Giliarova in various stock-photo agencies. Inna took in August 2014 a beautiful high resolution close-up photo of Mount Ararat exactly on that side of the mountain where remains of the ark were located in 2008 by a local mountain guide. It was already known that hundreds of meters higher on the mountain other parts of the ark were located under a thick layer of ice. Now that much of the ice has been melted away due to global warming, the higher parts have become visible to the eye at the end of the summer season. Thus, Inna Giliarova was able to photograph these higher-lying wreckages of the ark. When I zoomed in on this close-up photo, I immediately, in a split second, recognized for myself that piece of the ark that several eyewitnesses had observed in the past, both from the ground and from the air at the end of very hot summers. It also matches all the details that eyewitnesses have reported. These parts of the ark had fallen into extreme disrepair over the ages. The question marks behind the title of the video are placed because things have not yet been officially confirmed." Reactions please to: arkinsight@gmail.com For eyewitness accounts please visit: https://www.arkinsight.nl​ and/or www.noahsarksearch.com


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How can u possibly fit 2 of every animal in 1 boat with out them eating each other? 2 of every animal is the male and female chromosomes. Not in a boat, but a facility. I just came across a part of the story of noah and that he had children with him. After the flood he had 3 children? Each of thier own kingdom. A black, asian, and white?
But what of this picture? Theres a better picture than this showing 3 and thier tall masters

Let me just leave this here …

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Very interesting, thank you!

They must get a Drone in there!


My friend yoshi is armenian in 80s russia tried to comite genocide on his people him an his parents took refuge on this mountain probably in the ark but he never said just that they lived on the mountain I wonder if we can find history of that bunch of armenians living on mount arrayt I’ma look it up

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Looks like it was small conflict in 1990 genocide happened long before but I think it needs more digging I think they’re trying to cover shit up the stuff now doesn’t match what happened I even remember seeing stuff about it has kid on tv russians second.attemp of genocide maybe early days of putin before he came.to God he admits he was evil n changed might have been gorbacoph I know they took refuge there

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