Has the Function of the Great Pyramid of Giza Finally Come to Light?

Really interesting theory regarding the pyramids actual purpose and function…from location to materials used and the frequency capability of said material…


Nummulitic limestone from the Abu Rawash area was analyzed by the National Research Center of Cairo. It was found its conductance improves at higher frequency - to the point where it is exceptional. If the conductivity of a material needs to be about 600 Tera Hz, in addition to structurally strong, there could not be better material than limestone…

The Great Pyramid is located at the geographical center of Earth , as noticed by Charles Smyth and reported in this book “Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid” in 1864. The fact that the geographical center of Earth is at the location of the Great Pyramid is startling.

Now, for a structure to emit high frequency radiation (which is really light), it must be surrounded by a large land mass. This is the fundamental requirement for systems emitting electromagnetic radiation , of which any antenna design engineer is aware. If the pyramid needs to emit electromagnetic radiation on a scale of the whole planet, the maximum land mass location is ideal!..

If this turned out to be close to the mark, I marvel at the level of planning and preparation involved, because you can’t expect perfection without it, end of story…

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This is pretty cool . Inside the pyramid .


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Another interesting theory…I do think it was for energy but I think there is far more to this conundrum than meets the eye, with all that sacred geometry and cymatics I believe there was a spiritual function as well… :beers:


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I hear ya bro…straight forward doesn’t solve squat anywhere…for arguments sake, let’s say this is correct or close too…what else could they do?, and how fkn long did it take to get to the knowledge level?..unless… :beers:

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Great article. Again :ok_hand:
So many theories. Some some good, some not so.
I do like the find of the rocks though…that is pretty cool. Surely they had other techniques/technology at that time.
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Was certainly an interesting read through huh…I can’t help but wonder what their ability scope was like if this theory or one similar is on point…but even still the whole planning and execution of the plateau is off tap…if memory serves there was like 250 pages of calculations for the Sydney harbour bridge…I’d hate to think how much papyrus got used on this :beers:

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if you think of all the big pyramids all overt the world,
then some kind of a worldwide grid my come to light,?
machines spanning the globe all talking with each other in some kind of net like system?
May have fascilated travel or like a wirleless type geo fence or who knows but thats what i keep coming back to hehe.
Remember the golden capstones theyre very conductive wernt some kind of iron terminals found on the back of a door up inside the giza one?
Come on man, it has to be part of a machine, one machine part of many spanning the globe??
or did they just copy each other for fun i wonder?


There were few posts, recently that… my intuition tells me is connected to this.
One of the posts

The other was birkeland currents on earth, which I believe is connected to ley line lore.

Additionally the recent thread brend made has some connections

Another matter that maybe tied to frequency and manipulation of such things

So, if the leylines are a vector point for energy, and a secondary means of initiation for a frequency attuned to the same frequency of the blocks of the pyramid(s) upon initiation of the secondary frequency. Would the pyramid have emitted a response in sympathy to the initiated.

And to what purpose? Communication, healing, some other result we are just to disconnected to precieve?

Good stuff


I Agree…


Light Vibration Waves




It’s ALL



Its a practical machine that serves a practical purpose and a very important one at the time see…
I wonder if the geometry of the interiors relate to electrical resistance could it have had cables running through the passageways they dont half look made for humans to access except for repairs maybe, see.
And the two chambers is your pre and your power amps lol.
Its an ancient ghetto blaster.
Has to be a battery chamber in there too, capacitance.


Oh mate you brained it (that’s a compliment, some things might be lost in translation lol)…

I’d love to see an overlay of ancient sites on these lines as I think there’d be something to it…I’m so glad you mentioned communication too, as this was one thing I’ve wondered about, if it’s a possibility these civs were able to communicate somehow…it’s nudging midnight here I’ve got to be up looking keen soon, but I’ll read these links you’ve posted…and thanks mate appreciate it :+1: :beers:


I’ve got a draft saved that you might find interesting as it ties into your question, I’ll proof read tomoz and and if sounds almost coherent I’ll post it…it’s a mixed grill, little geometry, dash of religion, washed down with possibilities :rofl: :beers:

That was a great one! Gives me an idea for a giant limestone marker at the end of the driveway.