Have 600,000 Americans actually died from covid?

We’re still being led astray.
Fox News has now become relentless in their attack on Fauci and his ties to the Wuhan laboratory, thus still pushing the virus agenda.

But according to CDC documents, this ‘virus’ is about on par with a seasonal flu; that doctors and hospitals were given monetary incentives to bump up covid deaths, or better, they cooked the books:

Granted this report was from last year, but it’s probably safe to say the same holds true today.
I believe that the ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine angle is another distraction that actually empowers the virus narrative. Interesting to note that both of these drugs are anti parasitical, which begs the question:
Are parasites the cause of America’s flu/covid?
According to 7 year old cdc report, approximately 60 million Americans are infected with toxoplasma (cat poop parasite) and this is just one of many that Americans are infected with.
As many of you know, I have stated many times that the American diet and chronic dependence on prescription drugs has led us down the path as the most unhealthy country on the planet.
Currently, the cdc is estimating around 600,000 have died from covid. The new distraction is that these repurposed drugs (hcq and ivermectin) could have saved a large percentage of this 600,000, but if we take only 6% of that amount, or 36,000 (±) that actually died from covid, or flu, then not only is a new picture painted, but a whole new theory regarding flu like illness is created.
Is the culprit parasites?
If so, what went on in Wuhan?
I believe that this spike protein was what was created in Wuhan for these jabs that are now being pushed on us.


Including voilent death, heart attack and other every day deaths in those figures

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Another drug that can be used. That you have missed is a simple asthmatic treatment. And that is rhe Budesonide inhaled steroid. This has shown from between 90 to 100% if used early in covid cases to be highly effective. But yet again the information is hid burid and not talked about. Now me i have two comobidities i am asthmatic (chemical induced) and have late stage heart failure (Thank God Stable) and have been in close proximity to so called PCR tested covid + one been my own son i live with. Yet i got nothing zero ZILCH! Not a sniff or sneeze. I dont eat crap processed foods. We eat all fresh veg fruits and our meat is from a proper butchers bot processed. My feelings on this is it boils down to diet. And the amount ot coŕect vitamins and minerals we absorbe. But for me i feel been in such close proximity to a so CALLED + that i am protected by budesonide. The fact these treatments are been hidden is criminal and a act of pure evil. But if was know. Then the global vaccination programme would be halted and stopped DEAD.


A side note: This ‘cat poop’ parasite or, toxoplasma gandii, also affects rodents. What it does is make the rodent attracted to cat urine. So, where a cat has taken a piss you will find rodents and… predator cats. The rodents lose their instinct to avoid these predators, thus becoming a food source for cats.
Depending on how far down the rabbit hole people want go, there’s been studies done on what these parasites in humans could possibly be ‘used’ for.
A sort of mind control experiment.


Some Ivermectin info:

I know these twin brothers, one works with heavy equipment and the other is a cattle farmer. About eight months ago the one in heavy equip got covid, and the cattle farmer did not. They visit their dad often and the dad got covid too. They started talking about it all and it was revealed that the cattle farmer uses ivermectin with the cows often.

So the 80+ year old dad put 3cc of ivermectin into 8oz of orange juice and drank it. He said that 48 hrs later he was good to go, over it. The heavy equipment brother did the same, and all good too. I saw them last week and all three are fine, and none have been vaccinated.

So we’re wondering the same thing; how can ivermectrin cure it unless its parasitic??

P.S. I keep a syringe of 3cc Ivermectin in the frig just in case I need it.


There’s a few ‘animal’ drugs that have amazing curative powers with humans. They’re cheap and readily available, until fda catches wind, that is.


This is eye opening:


Yep. Years back I worked in the aquarium business and was surprised to see the number of people buying fish medications for themselves.

U can count my daddy as a covid casualty…I’m

Still very sad about his passing

Yes, apparently there are several drugs that help stamp this out. Drugs that have a proven track history and are cheap and readily accessible. :+1:


I wish I knew where it was available, as far as I know you can’t get it in the U.S., same with Hydroxy…,I could be wrong, it happens.

HCQ and ivermectin have anti-viral properties. I have a cat so I should have that toxoplasmosis parasite. No covid here. It’s not due to parasites.

Test your blood, most effects from this parasite are latent.

Had the covid test 4 times. All negative.

I’m very familiar with Ivermectin paste. We used to worm our horses with it. Is this the form of Ivermectin being used? Not sure if you know this but thought I’d ask. That would be a big destress to keep it in my fridge. I have 5 children and many grands. None of us will take the vax even if it means job loss.

Also I’ve read an article posted here on this forum posted last week that the amino acid L- lysine might cure covid with early use.
I know for a fact that close family of mine who suffered terrible herpe infections (cold sores) who took L-lysine for some weeks evey day no longer get cold sores.

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So very sorry for your loss. My little brother was on the verge of death. He made it. He was very sick. Prayers for the journey you will go thru to find pease at his passing. Hardest thing I’ve gone thru losing my mom 7 years ago.:heart:

The figures are fixed, rounded up to the nearest cataclysmically shocking number.
Meanwhile mainstream merchants make ready to shop whoever whenever.
According to trickedbythelight.com we are more alien cells than human being and hence can discern that nature greater than legislature would mimic a lyric to survive a jive if they forgot how to dance with the devil.
There is no virus!
The Alien is us.

What I’ve got is a clear liquid. I got it from these buddies mentioned. As far as I know it’s the same stuff he uses with his cattle, and the same they used. I asked them to give me some and he used the syringe for easy storage. I asked for 3cc of it. And they told me to keep it refrigerated. If I ever need it I plan to empty the syringe into OJ and drink.

But please keep in mind that I am not a doctor or veterinarian, and I’m not giving any advice here. I’m just relaying info I trust to be accurate.

Also as I understand it you don’t have to consume it, you can apply it to skin and it’ll be absorbed. It is for livestock, from animal supplies sources.


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That is good news because I have allergy induced asthma at times. When I used to travel a lot I was on a see-saw with caffeine and benedryl. Now retired from the traveling part I have an inhaler and has one for two years before retirement of this kind. I never got sick and never got the Covid (if it exists) and I was a mask rebel from day one. I never did anything different that pre-virus that was in my power.