HBO documentary shows adults leading 4-year-old boy to stage to announce his new female identity

leading 4-year-old boy to stage to announce his new gender…wtf

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I would say that child has slowly been taught to think Hes a Girl only from the Mother Drumming those Words over over till He just says what He Hears and Thinks like thats the New Normal.

Of Course Single Mother raising 2 Young Children
NO Man Figure for Him to Associate the Differance and You now have a Child that will grow up to deal with many Issues through out His Life.

Sad Sad Days We live in Anymore .


guns and fastcars


This is child abuse.


We personally know a family who’s little boy has insisted he’s a girl pretty much since he could walk and talk. Dressing in his sisters fairy costumes and always wearing a Tierra. The parents were what I call normal parents, the mom was quite distressed for some time and just recently they decided to change his name to a feminine one and start calling him her.
Here’s what I see:
It’s all boys that become girls.
My question is:
Why is it boys who become girls?
Another observation:
I’m wondering if all this soy based infant formula that is being fed to infants has something to do with this?

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I truly do believe that baby formula and processed food with soy are changing these kids. When I grew up in the 80’s and even through the 90’s most products didn’t have all this soy in it. Pretty much every product you buy at the grocery store has soy lecithin or soybean oil in it.


Of Course…


Yes Big Factor

Estrogen That Menopausal

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Food Chain 2…


Places like this is where I wish I was at the time but thank GOD I was not.Here is a child that should be outside being a child and having fun but is being told he is a girl? Does he understand what it is exactly he is saying. He might think it is all a game. This is a mad, mad, mad, mad world. Unfortunately when BS like this happens , and at times worse than this, if you voice your opinion or out these sick f@cks you end up like Aaron Russo. :scream:

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The "healthy alternative " shit has high amounts of pussy juice, aka estrogen.

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I imagine the mother wanted a baby girl and didn’t get it now she’s manipulating reality for him.
Ruined his life basically for her WANT


Mommy wanted to announce his identity, for attention, since she didn’t get a girl, she’s gotta make it this way and wants everyone to play along.

Eh, hey mom, he’s still a little 4 year old dude. Don’t set him up for suicide.


Lets be honest, sex has been weaponized for as long as we can remember. Especially by our intelligence agencies for the past 70 years. The result of the hippy movement, free love etc should be making a lot of sense by now. The progression is undeniable, from free love in the 60s, to total cocaine driven hedonism in the 70s, to Blue Oyster Bath house Barry mainstreaming of homosexuality in the 80s, then by the 90s and 2000s it all was such a part of pop culture it started creeping into the mainstream aided by ecstasy, rave culture, which brings us to where we find ourselves now gender bending 4 year olds, unicorns, safe spaces, 50 year old men living as 5 year old girls with cribs and willing foster parents!

What if and this is “strictly hypothetical”, the intelligence agencies with their given abilities to mind control society, poison our food and minds a thousand different ways, said to them selves “how can we sabotage society in such a way were we will destroy the family unit, and further manage the population number of the mindless sheep?” Human rights and the constitution be damned!

“What do we have in society that we are not exploiting to the max? Ugly stupid liberals, there is a plethora of them, these are desperate people who live unfulfilled lives, they were never popular in school, we victimized them early with clic/popularity culture in high shcool and college, then we made sure they never had a sex life to speak of, they turned into quite defeated people. What if we empower them? Tell them all they are unique, instead of body shamming that we have done for decades lets do the opposite - body positivity. Let ugly fat bitches shine. Even better lets turn ugly fat men into ugly fat women and vise versa, those who wont go that far lets turn them into homosexuals, furthermore lets really fuck with them and have them self identify as a thousand different things. Then lets mind control them into hysteria where they lash out at the rest of society for not accepting their advanced states of humanity. Finally lets have them turn on the kids, we can start at public libraries with tranny reading hour. We need to create as many victim statuses as possible, as many victims of Main street normies, how about race? Can we weaponize race? Well sir we have been sabotaging the minorities for decades with thug culture, drugs and socio economic depravation, perhaps they are ripe for the picking.” ———- Sounds familiar don’t it?

Edit: Forgot to mention the main streaming and legalization of pedophelia, which the deep state is intimately involved in.

The crimes of the deep state and the cabal are far more terrifying than most imagine. Can you even picture how we are going to deal with this? A catastrophe of such magnitude is not created with any solution in mind, it is a force destruction. Psychologists and psychiatrists are some of the most brainwashed and corrupted people in our society, don’t look to them for solutions, they give no actual ducks. Lets call a spade a spade…it is an army of perma-victim freaks that has been unleashed on the public by its own government.


Ya my son and I never eat soy fuck that I even hear thats im beer too I used to work for Coors in Colorado. Those were rumors… Why you think beer companies were getting sued fpr not putting ingredients on the can for all I know i waa dribking poison or soy beer

Drink local breweries. Most of them will give you a tour and you can see for youself.

I do hope you realize that anything grown in corporate farms will have toxins from pestecides and herbicides in it…hops, barley, corn, malt…it will be in all the ingredients.


We have to give credit that some of this is society and parenting. Both my kids grew up in the 80s and their mother could not supply breast milk. They were raised on Enfamil and Similac formula. Neither of them is gender confused or gay. I have a boy and a girl and they are both very very straight. My son has a son and we are training him that stuff is sickness. If he were here I would show him this and then get out my Bible and read to him where this is blasphemy and God hates this and will judge people that do that harshly.

Oh yes indeed my dear friend I agree I know im well Informed I always ask questions but my gift is i can actually listen to my body anything i eat i will get a reaction from especially fast food places I always cook everything i eat at the best quality I can get

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There is very little fast food I can stomach either. At the chain restaurant known for the clown I am pretty sure that is not even real meat in those burgers. For all I know that may not be real potatoes in the fries either

Did you know that Burger King onion rings are zero percent onion? A lady once tried to sue BK for it because she was allergic to onion and said they got one in her fries and it almost killed her. They revealed in court that it was a bread product with artificial onion flavor…

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