He’s asking us to mix oil and water

President Trumps latest speech sends mixed signals.
My observations:
How do you defend the rule of law? What law?
The incursion of the Capitol was an actual opening of the gates and letting protesters enter. Enough evidence suggests antifa were the aggressors.
Covid 19 is BS.
The media censorship he says that is dangerous will not be dealt by everyone holding hands and singing kumbaya.
Nothing miraculous about these dna altering cocktails that they call vaccines, either.
Did our founding fathers handle tyranny this way?



That’s the first time he truly felt like my president.

We can come together.

It’s possible.

If evidence ever comes out that all of it was false,q and the fraud.

Things will go back to normal.

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Nope… it’s time for boots on the ground people.


Back to normal… ok.


Did he really say things are going back to normal?!? Hahaha… I wonder what he is going to say when the great reset rolls out.

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Who’s boots, though?

I was expecting some fire and brimstone.

Seems like a man who has accepted his fate.

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Where is evilshroom?

Last I heard was DC…

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*Mix oil and water
1, add an egg yolk
2,remove all air from the water.


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So who’s gonna be the eggs?


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Dunno, but NE has scrambled eggs for a brain, maybe we could tip him on his side and pour some outta his ear hole…lolol


Uh my sister in law and father are in the hospital with Covid, most likely she won’t survive as she got Pneumonia, my pops is hanging by a thread.

It’s like UFO’s, you don’t believe it until it happens to you.

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Excellent question…
In this day and age of trans-whatever might fill that position…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sorry to hear that man. I think what the OP is saying about Covid being bullshit, is the response world governments have taken, now that we know it doesn’t even kill 1% of people who catch it. Sucks to be within that 1%, but the rest of the world should go on about their business and stop living in fear. Friend of mine just supposedly caught Covid, no symptoms whatsoever, just loss of taste. When 50% of the world’s population is nearly immune, with symptoms no greater than loss of taste or smell, it becomes quite Orwellian and cruel to do what they’ve done to us over the last year.


It is horrible what you’re having to go through and I hope never have to go through it, nor would I wish it upon anyone.
There’s something that is causing illness that is being called covid 19. What it is is still open to debate, I’m sure. What I do know is that we’re not getting the truth from those in control and evidence points to the fact that this bug is being used to manipulate the world into this new reset.
Whatever it is, there are successful treatments with invermectin and hydroxychloroquine that has also been squashed.
They don’t want us getting the jump on this as it will disrupt their plans…

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there are successful treatments with invermectin and hydroxychloroquine that has also been squashed.

Source please.

Don’t give that piece of shit Albert any sources for anything. Let him do his own research, which will just lead him to whatever clown world propaganda he chooses to accept. Don’t play games with shills Silver.

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Anyone else on here already know there’s a plethora of sources to back up my statement. Since your whole purpose is to stir the pot, you can go… and I’ll be polite… go look it up yourself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My point being, there are lots of sources that look into and discount present-day viability of those drugs as vaccines. You don’t seem willing to entertain them.