Head of Apollo Group, Billionaire Leon Black, wired $75m to Epstein, also named Gates & more

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Does anyone really believe this? If he was doing the unthinkable to children, life in prison & redistributing his $9B to the American people wouldn’t be enough.

But on a larger scale & bigger concern is that it appears Bill Gates also wired money to Epstein. It was kind of hard to believe some of the conspiracies about Gates financing the lab in China that released COVID but I did see his oddly coincidental TEDTalk about a year ago where he predicts this very pandemic. Coincidence? I think not. So, how does it make you feel to know that he has financed about every vaccine? Talk about the world’s largest Ponzi Scheme, one in which every person is on the planet is a victim. Since March, I’ve been saying that something far more sinister is going down & it’s looking like I was right all along. There needs to be some serious transparency before another dime is wasted on these COVID vaccines. Who is profiting & who will benefit? I’m almost certain that it isn’t going to be us.

Fun fact, I have a 6-yr. old & have tried to keep her away from as many vaccines as possible. While all of her cousins, sisters, friends, etc. are constantly sick, she has been sick 1 single time in her life, 1. She has never wet the bed. Probably not related to vaccines but wtf, why not at this point? It’s hard to know what to believe anymore…


You ask a very interesting question with this post. Just WHO is going to benefit from the vaccine for convid scam? Why are so many people in the scientific community and government pushing for this Amazing vaccine?
Meet Sir Patrick Vallance one of the UK SAGE group. By the way almost everyone of the 200+ advisers on the SAGE group work or are connected to the institutions and universitys that benefits from the Bill and Melinda gates foundation funding to the tune of 100s of millions. So no conflict of interest there is there now :thinking:. Back to sir paddy boy. Who is pushing the lockdowns in the UK and the convid vaccine by GlaxoSmithKline. I mean surly he wouldn’t have any vested interests in this, would he? How about £600k shares. Mind you he has already cashed in several million pounds worth of shares with GSK. We could also ask about the motivation behind a one professor Neil Ferguson the man who predicted 500k uk deaths and 2.2million in the USA from imperial college London in march. Funny how days after the release of the computer model this cretin got us all paniced by and started the lockdowns. Imperial college London received a grant of over $79million! Where from i hear you ask? None other then the Bill and Melinda gates foundation. If you follow the money. Almost every time the funding lads right back to Bill Gates. But of course thats all a conspiracy theory for the tin foil hatters we are told by the MSM and fact check sites? Strange thing is many of these also get funding from gates foundation as well. I would say that this one man on the card system they used in Iraq to prioritize most wanted. Well billy gates of hell is definitely the Ace of Spades and number 1. Making him the most dangerous megalomaniac on planet Earth


Pushing for the vaccine that “doesn’t yet exist,” but discount the one that seems to work but won’t make anyone rich.


This stuff is getting really old.

The People go to Jail for anything and these rich important fuckers get away with it.


Well said to all who have commented, I couldn’t agree more. But I have a story for you, my own personal experience with the Gates Foundation. Back in 2012, while managing & writing the playbook for the 12th most successful technology accelerator in America, per TechCrunch, MIT & Darden, I recognized a fundamental hole in the market, prime for investment but also capable of costing us everything, at that time Technology in public Education was still a long way away. Rather than just raising a fund without domain expertise like the other tools who use other people’s hard-earned money to place bets with, I decided to go down into the gut of the industry to figure out how it ticks & I stayed down there doing research for three years. When I came out with my investment thesis I shared it with a guy named Gene Wade, “the disrupter in Education”, per Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, etc. & ex-partner of Jim Shelton our former deputy secretary of Education under Arne Duncan. Gene flipped out when he heard my thesis & said holy shit, you have nailed K-12 with such precision, you solved problems Jim & I never thought of & your thesis is better than other investors because they’re so busy trying to look like each other, they forgot to do it right as you have. But once you show what it will do, they’re all going to be trying to look like you. Then he said, I need to get you into the Gates Foundation. So, I was referred to the Gates Foundation (TGF) by “the disruptor in Education” & they were told that I’d finally figured it out. Meet with TGF on November 6th, they say we can & will invest in your fund as your anchor investor. This is called a soft circle or commit, next step is to get them fully committed via a signed document. Try to schedule that meeting but my contact was headed for the Dominican Republic for the Holidays & wouldn’t be back until 1/8. I fly out on the 8th & when I get there she says that she’s sorry but her division is being wound down because the other EdTech funds were generating sufficient ROI or impact. I say, yeah but we went over this, I’ve solved that. She says, it’s like the government around here, nobody cares about making an impact they just want to get paid. I was fucking pissed for many reasons, 1. I don’t take my children or my country’s future lightly, I risked everything to do the right thing for both & the biggest player in the game has an opportunity to finally make a dent in the greatest threat to all of our future any nation can ever face & they don’t care. If U.S. Education was the finest on Earth the past 40-yrs, this pandemic wouldn’t be happening. Educated people are: Healthier, solving our health crisis. Earn more, create their own opportunities & so on, solving inequality. They are more conscious of their environment, pollute less & have better tools to solve climate issues, solving the enviro crisis. Big one, the vote more, are less likely to be duped by politicians with sinister intent & therefore promote better leaders. Voila! One stone, all birds threatening our future. 2. She could have told me that via email or over the phone but instead I wasted money & time. I was pissed for more reasons but won’t bore you. I follow up with the Executive Director because I couldn’t believe that someone so heavily invested in Education was given the formula for accelerating success but wasn’t going to allocate a nickel. He said his hands were tied so I told him that TGF was the definition of hypocrisy in its most destructive form.
Shortly after I pitch a friend who owns an oil refinery that my family used to own, producing 1m gallons of gas per day for her, coupled with her other businesses she’s doing $15B /yr, it’s a private company & she has control. 15-mins into the pitch she says it’s genius, she’ll fill the entire fund & let’s just go. Then out of nowhere she reversed course & couldn’t even give me a rational reason why. I made pitch after pitch after pitch & the same thing happened every single time. One investor who said they want in, they want it here in our home state & they want in now, a week later said that they don’t invest in “funds” but we’d already covered that & they in fact do. To-date every single investor that I pitched said they want to invest & not one has honored their word. Before this, I’d never had an investor renege on their word & statistically it would be impossible for that many to act so bizarrely unless someone was intentionally blocking me because they knew what it was capable of.
It just doesn’t make sense. So many years just wasted & such an incredible opportunity to make a fortune while investing in our country & our children, now going to waste because I have to give up. I knew it would be hard but I knew it would be worth it. Never did I imagine in my wildest dreams that I wouldn’t even get a chance…

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