Headless Robot Now On Sale To Perform Manual Labor

1992: How could they make the terminator any more horrifying? :thinking:
2020: pastel colors, knees backwards, and we’ll make it look headless. :grin:

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Haha thats rather funny hehe,
all this technology seems so innocous and innocent and so futuristic and great
but lets just be real we all know sooner or later its going to be used to control us monitor us police us and keep us like herded sheep in pens 24-7.

If you were a luciferian control freak hell bent on managing this worlds populations you would be devising technological ways to rule over humanity with a full satanic bent too.

This is just what the full satanic elite want and do in life, they have no more need for money its irrlelvant they have so much it becomes obscure and meaningless instead they focus on the POWER thats what they lust after now more then ever becaus etheya re bnropught up to mistakenly believe they are some kind of race apart from the rest of the herd they are chosen they are superior of intellect in there own minds and they believe they deswerve to rule us in any way shape form they deem good for them and not to our collective benefit, why would they look after us like real human beings in a proper godly xristian fashion, they wouldnt, they dont.

However, there is a reckoning coming for these wolves, trust our father that he will deal with them in the way they should be dealt with, and eternally too im sorry to say.
Anyways thanks for this ppost very fascinatinbg i love technology but hate the way its misused and abused by those who should know better but dont or wont so much now…

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Impressive but pretty useless for anything besides carrying large boxes.
Can’t even open a door.
Probably too complicated / costly to give it the ability to grasp something small like a door handle.

Looks similar to The Ghekko In Metal Gear Solid games

So long as it can fetch me a can of 101s from me fridge. …lolol
Nah just more of the mundane jobs in factories and shit, Production line work employed millions of people and give them a decent wage to buy a home and raise a family.
But i would like one of these bots to mow my lawns and to scare the fuck outta my neighbor. …:slight_smile:

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iRobot. just sayin

These dam robots tryna take our jobs from us illegal immigrants!! :angry: I say we send them back to their country…

No migrant, legal or illegal, has ever tried to take your job. They were only willing to do the same job for less pay. So that the shareholders could make more profit. Capitalism baby. You just cost too much and are priced out of the market.

@solarbug When Capitalism sends its robots, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending me. They’re sending robots that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And sure… I assume, are good robots but not enough!

I love how they had all the employees wearing masks. Very subtle conditioning. I’m telling you…masks are here to stay.

Just wait until those good ones also don’t have a job anymore because of those other robots. Only then will you know real misery.

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