Hedge fund Blackrock is buying up entire neighborhoods … what does this have to do with the Great Reset?


I bet they keep all the documents on paper as well so the cyber attacks don’t mess with their assets, or maybe we’ll placed EMPs in major cities could well do the trick who knows what they have planned. On that note I think it’s time I upped my prepping haha

Yup. They will own a lot of empty houses when the “jabbed” start falling away.

They print money like there is no tomorrow.
Their minions are buying homes paying over the asking price.
Folks get greedy and sell.
Folks enter home market again and find they cannot buy anything with their fiat paper hyper-inflating daily
Folks get homeless or rent

“You will own nothing and be happy”


Why the hell are corporations allowed to buy residential properties at all? housing is essential and shouldn’t be used like a low risk stock market by people with excessive amounts of money.

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There was another interesting observation a while ago during the BLM riots…someone explained the significance of WHERE these riots and destruction took place in order to free up real estate or something. There was a reason why they happened where they did so some scumbags can make money off it. Sry for the vagueness but thats all i can remember.

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The destruction was well planned out for sure. An extreme form of reverse gentrification

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