Hello Fellow White Man

The most Jewish man in existence pretending to be white gets called out.


When you expose them they just stay silent. We see this in the forum every day. No remorse, no apology, no stop to their lies and manipulations. Often times only an increase in the criminality and intimidation. Truly refreshing to see an American and who gets it. So maybe I’m not the only one who could identify the handlers in the race riots of the past year. Though the masks certainly do hinder that and conveniently so :wink:. Hmmm

Also worth pointing out look at how comfortable he is, as we can see there is no shortage of useful idiots who jump to his defense. While he smirks away to his hearts content.

Shlomo - that was funny!

Oh look I found a more hardcore version of the sound of silence…

And doing a little background check on the lead singer, well let’s just say I’m not surprised. Oy vey!

One can only imagine the hysteria when they are exposed for 911 and their more unspeakable crimes over the past century…


They do it all the time…


Shine the truth light on them and they scatter like roaches.

Now, I don’t believe in killing him for it, but he should’ve took an ASS WHIPPIN on SIGHT.

Seriously,…haul off AND BUST HIM STRAIGHT IN HIS SNOUT. Change his life in an instant.

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