Hemi sync the gateway experience

Over the past year I have started hemi sync. What I have found out is so out of this world that I had to share it. if your looking for brain sync and coherance than look no further. I have found it difficult to really understand what has gone on and the true nature of our reality. I have left a 1 hour documentary to help you understand some of your dreams and even explain night terrors. all the descriptions down through the ages were trying to describe this experience but now I have found a 1 hour description and its all true multi dimensions higher selves beings of light all of it. I have left a documentary explaining the 28 levels so please watch. and even left the work he did with the cia on the higher states of being check it out. Nearly everything is this documentary has happend to me and I wanted to share the experience by informing everyone of realities and truths you only wish you knew.https://youtu.be/-qz0pklQWW0
And I have left the link for anyone who wants to activate there full potential to listen every night before bed and train your mind to be super awesome. I am talking about multi dimensional thought like you could never imagine.https://archive.org/details/Hemisync

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