Here's something new!

Not for the faint hearted.

More truth in this than the news yer watching.



Bless Ya…

Made to the 90 Sec Mark


Judge Ment Is Coming

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Not even 20 minutes in and I gotta take a break.

Told yall the Netherlands is no bueno.

Germany is looking pretty sick too…


I know a story that when I Heard it, it shook my soul and stayed with me for years, and it happened in the UK, People don’t understand how deep this goes.


Evil is a Cancer


funny all faces are blurred,proof of guilt, but the producer didnt sent noone to jail.
Shameful…calling bs on this.

Just an old lady looking for her adult son in the usa. Does that guy lived in a brothel prior to get married,i think not.


Hm, this is so extreme I have to question authenticity, after all we have no idea what is actually being said.

Since the start of the vid was introduced by bible thumping I’ll keep my tinfoil hat on .

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I understand why peoples’ natural reaction is to reject this reality, but it is quite real. It has been going on since the Phoenicians worshiped Baal Hammon. Child sacrifice never went away; it merely went underground.


BTW…its a good translation from polish…no russian spoken.I skipped some parts.
THEY wont let him pretend that can happen in Russia…
Or THEY might send him some ambassadors at home.

Follow the money youll get the motive.

Cheers bro

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Yeah, I have a pretty hard time with the authenticity as well. None of the interviewees bother to hide their identities in any fashion. Either they are extremely stupid (which some of them are well spoken so that can’t be the case) or it’s because they don’t truly fear any repercussions because it’s all an act.

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I don’t understand people, I just don’t

I’m a living being, I don’t have the capacity to disconnect

Jesus lord gimmy a sword


Complete, I will never be the same

Imagine what God puts up with
All over the earth, all time of earth


I really didn’t had to press play on that video…
On a positive note I totally forgot in an instant about the morgelons in covid svabs :expressionless:

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I think it’s completely possible for YouTube and other companies like it to know that what they’re saying will be taken as complete absurdity, rubbing it in our faces while mocking us.

Like the mask thing…

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Found it sir. Thank you

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GAETZ Florida congressman exposed on trunews for child trafficking’s


You know what really pisses me off?
The fact that YouTube is asking me for age verification on benigne video of Huda Clark talking about morgellons and zapper but there is no problem to play this video at all!


Literally was asking me for I’d or credit card verification today but I gave up on vatching it.