Hey do you people out there want a giggle 🤭

So here we go people one of the advertisements within our Disclose.tv is BetterMe Meal Plan, so basically be honest and put all of your details in it’ll do the work and give you a result but don’t go for the subscription or anything else.
When you’ve finished have another go but tell the program a complete pack of lies, honestly the results are absolutely hilarious.

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This was something else I thought school should have stressed a lot more.

Problem is the teachers didn’t even have their own shīt together in this department.

Embarrassing enough, I used to think you did actually “burner/dissolve” fat in some type of reaction from working out and thats how you lost weight.

Little did I know 95% of your fat loss is literally loss from breathing it out of your mouth. :astonished:

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