Hidden Camera AntiFa Training Camp

Here we have a film in an urban Antifa firearms training class. This might soy warrior will rule the world one day


That is the most epic thing I have seen today :rofl:


I just LOVE it. :sparkling_heart:

The More I watch the Harder I Laugh


guns and fastcars

You find some of the best stuff… Thank you for the giggles… :rofl:

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:rofl: precious moment, that guy that kicked bear in his back was smarter than this Smurf.

Over and over and over

I got my first side by each rossie 12 gage and took it out to shoot it not knowing you don’t finger both triggers

BaaassBoooom 2x12 gage shells at once. Right. Onto my keyster.

It’s great watching some one else

Not surprisingly the video is “unavailable” because twits love ANTIFA :rofl:

Thats a bit shit, only 3 secs, but if you engage auto play it can go as long as you want… :white_check_mark:…IGTBS…RRR

Gives a new meaning to killing two birds with one stone!

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