History repeats itself until we learn the truth of our past

Hitler was NOT the enemy.

Why is it that in Hitler’s own words he talked about the evil’s that had permeated throughout German politics and society 80 years ago that are mirrored almost exactly in many countries today? How can a man mention the exact same issues regarding wealthy jews, elitists and globalists that were being forced upon society back in the 1920’s and 1930’s that are now being carried out in our media and policital systems and the citizens allow this to happen?

When faced with a superior factual argument that can’t be disputed a weaker positioned person will resort to an ad hominem approach. If the weaker/INFERIOR concept can not win over the superior more logical concept the only thing left to do is demonize the person whose superior position you disagree with or in Hitler’s case hate.

Hitler realized there was right and wrong, justice and tyranny, prosperity and ruin, blossoming life for all citizens and absolute desolation caused on purpose. These are the contrasting ideals between Hitler’s National Socialism and Democratic Socialism aka COMMUNISM. There are VERY different outcomes between implementing the two drastically differing ideals.

Coronavirus should be a wake up call to all of us. Not one maintstream media outlet has called COVID what it really is… a scam to gain absolute control. CNN and FOX are one in the same regarding face coverings, ‘vaccines’, social distancing, school closings, business closures, etc, etc, etc. COVID has shown how truly ALL maintream media outlets and the majority of politicians and ‘experts’ can’t be trusted. COVID has shined a light on the filth and decay that polutes our minds every day telling us to just be a good sheep, listen to the ‘experts’ like Faucci and Gates (Bill Gates and I went to the same medical school) and pay our taxes.

Hitler exposed the satanic jews and cabalist elitists of his time only to be demonized and cast into a black hole only to be summoned when needed to show how the jews suffered. Hitler has been demonized because he had the answer to all the world’s problems regarding the international jewish cabal…personal responsibility. That is what National Socialism boils down to in a nutshell, personal responsibility for yourself and your family while embracing the fact that we are social animals that NEED each other in order to truly be successful. It’s not about free handouts, it’s about giving of ourselves.

I write this only because I see so many people on this site bashing ‘Nazis’, Hitler and "Socialism’ yet what you truly mean is bolsheviik COMMUNISM. The lies we all have been taught throughout our schooling years need to be examined with a blank slate. Hitler was the true answer to all the evils of his time and his concept still carries forward as an answer to those same issues packaged in modern form.

Watch the video provided at the top and tell me we aren’t dealing with the same evil cabal today.


Babylon Berlin.

I’ve always said i must have done some bad crap in my past life,
because the one I’m living now has forced me to learn every thing the Hard Way…Good Post @Smigg

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