Hollywood Director Reveals Everything!

Hollywood film director, Producer, and Actor, David Heavener sits down with End Times Productions for this exclusive interview!

Find a movie that isn’t about magic or satan worship or other horror subjects anymore.

Out of Shadows

A documentary I recommend.
it’s exposing Hollywood, the CIA and their satanic intentions.


Thanks for sharing. Definitely going to watch.

made me think of this that I read earlier today The Notorious London Spy School Churning Out Many of the World’s Top Journalists

Oldie. But a goodie.

Bingo, find a movie that doesnt have some form of social engineering mind control subliminal criminality
there almsot isnt one same with much music there are exceptions but they are not the rule.

I was watching a 1960,s movie a while back and i noticed in a room on set behind a door on the back of the door was a poster with you guessed it, the pyramid and the eye a definate masonic image it was there in the movie see how clever they are at placing there logos symbology throughout all forms of entertrainment?

Even in a video game i replayed recently sniper no 1 set in ww2 circa 2005- or 2010 i cant remember but its quite old and guess what i noticed on one of the menu pages, the symbol for the kaballaistic ten sephiroth right there next to a simlar image of a supposed ww2 german water tower no joke!!

Only noticed it last night in fact…

Its in EVERYHTING just about certainly 95% or more of hollywood thats for certain.

They know what the screen can do they know how to manipulate human mind and they have it sussed out beyond our imaginations and they use it in a deadly fashion against us all.

All the latest superhero movies are analogies for Christ and God against the “enlightened” satanised human individuals the hybrids the giants the fallen angelics armies or individuals somehow some way every single time.

Its either end times scenario or its olden times but its always there.

The whole super hero ethos comes from the heros of old mentioned in genisys & greek and other mythology/real factual history
the men of renown the hybrids and the giants & the fallen angelics of antiquity who cast there spiritual rule over all 70 nations of earth still to this day unable to rest in heavenly stasis until judgement.

I can point this stuff out all day long every day in every way in every single thing if you want.

Even food wrappers chocoltae bars magazine covers and pages ypou name it its always there
always controlling the narratives obviously or subtley sometimes very subtley.

The octopus is all pervasive and its becoming much more bold look at gotthard tunnel ceremony and 2012 olympic ceremony superbowl list goes on they love rubbing it in the dumbed down atheist nihilist slaves faces the only pathway out is to open up the saturnic prison cube into a freedom cross and get right with JC & God they know this why dont you?

They have chosen there side have you?

If you dont it will be chosen for you, some things really are black and white there are no grey areas between righteous morality and unrighteous progressive “values” thats why they call it values not MORALS ANYMORE because morality isnt flexible or subjective
but SO CALLED “values” can be CHANGED…
Inverted is how the satanic do it rebellious and reversed.
Such is the nature of all hollywood the hero we emapthise is really a villian and the villain almost always represents either jesus or God now or back then one way or another.

“Luke, i am your father:” pfffft, like f u are.
Luke skywalker-Loki…Lucis… fallen from the heavens…“sky” walking…

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This is for this evening.

Spanks a bunch.

Hollywood elite are all herpes carriers

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I really enjoyed this 1. A lot I knew about but I did not know about Aquino

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MI6 British version of the C_A in the US
[They] breed
Mk Ultra
Satan worshipping

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Pretty sure mi6 came before the cia, it was the sis before :+1:

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